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• 4/10/2015


Well, I know that we've all seemed to move on, myself no exception, granted. As we're all still somewhat active (4 of us at this point), I'll just state that, now and for the record, if everyone else was open to considering continuing, so would I.
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• 7/12/2014

A Modest Proposal

So, since we're down another writer now and things seem to have stagnated on here of late, I think we should strongly consider shortening the length of the series. We can still include everything we've discussed in our planning meetings, but there's probably less point in going through the order again and having a second entire chapter in every world. Right now we have the chapter in Yuhan's world, then the one in Ling's world, then the one in Ursa's world. After that comes Eris's world, and the characters finally get the big revelation. The final stages and their alignment with Eris could be condenses into a finale taking place after Eris's chapter, and we can all pitch in for that (or divide the responsibilities accordingly once we have a clearer idea.) This would be shorter than going through the order again, but in my opinion, story quality trumps overall length or number of chapters. It'll also be much easier to obtain a complete story this way. Thoughts?
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• 6/18/2014

Stepping Down

I'm sorry, guys, because I haven't done any more work on my chapter. That's ridiculous. But it also doesn't seem to be changing any time soon. Right now, I just don't have time to work on this. I had to choose between continuing this project and finishing my novel. I don't have enough time to commit to both. As much fun as this project has been, and as much as I like working with you guys, I have to stick with my novel.
I feel horrible, leaving you guys short another writer, but this is what I have to do. I'd be more than happy to let you guys continue using Ursa, and even answer any Ursa-related questions, consult, or critique. (Or, if it's more convenient, you're welcome to sacrifice her as well. Just make it honorable.) I'd still love to help however I can, because this is a great project, or just stay a devoted reader, but staying on as a writer isn't possible right now.
I know you'll all understand, even if it sucks, because you're pretty awesome. Again, I'm sorry, and I'm sorry it took me so long to figure out this wasn't working.
Best of luck to you and the project! I'll still see around.
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• 3/31/2014

Vortexes -the whats and the whys

Area to discuss the finer points of vortexes.
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• 3/17/2014

New meeting

Simple question: when?
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• 3/10/2014

Meeting March 17

All right, let's try announcing this a week in advance ^^. Anyone available for another Vortex meeting next Monday at noon EST? If not, please include another date and/or time that suits you better. I think we could benefit from another general talk about where we're heading with the story and how fast/slow everyone thinks it should go.
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• 3/9/2014

Meeting March 10

I know I wasn't there last time -I admit, it slipped my mind- but I was wondering if we could meet again tomorrow to talk some things over like the direction of the story. Or if not tomorrow, another day of the week. If tomorrow is possible, same time as last time, namely noon 12 EST? (this 6pm for me -I'll be in the vicinity of a computer, so if I wouldn't show up, message me again at the time of the meeting as then I'll have forgotten again, sorry ^^") If this is not possible, any suggestions for another date?
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• 2/26/2014

Final revisions on my chapter

I know I post a lot of these, but I just want to enable us to communicate even if we can't meet often. Anyway, are we still doing the fatigue for characters far away from their world? I've been considering it as I've taken to revising things here and there in the revised chapter five (six in actuality, I think), and I have several questions. Have we made provisions for that as a story element in prior chapters, and what was our initial reason for including it? My memory on that end is a bit hazy, and I want to have that clarified before I add my revisions to the existing chapter, if possible.
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• 2/9/2014

Feb 9 Meeting?

I know we're kind of doing our own things until the new chapters get posted, but should we have a meeting at some point for updates? If tonight's not good with you guys, we could do one next week instead.
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• 1/5/2014

Jan 5 Meeting

Do we have anything of importance to discuss at the dawn of a new year for this story, or are we still just working kinks out? Additionally, is the next revised chapter ready for release? We should probably publish something soon.
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• 12/15/2013

Dec. 15 Meeting

I will not be at the meeting today, unfortunately, due to unplanned family dinner plans. If you need my input on anything, don't hesitate to put it either here or on my message wall. Sorry I won't be able to make it tonight.
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• 12/8/2013

Personal meeting notice

Hey all,
I don't want to come off as lazy or distant or whatever, but due to our meeting hour being 1am for me (that's okay, as it seems to be the best hour for everyone else) I'd like to propose a different meeting schedule in regards to me: I don't mind staying up for the meeting if there is some progress or whatever to be discussed, not at all, but I'd like to be alerted of that beforehand. If not, I'm not going to stay up specifically to just chat. You're all cool people, but that's just the problem: I have class at 9am as well and by talking to you all, it happens more often than not that I only see my bed at like 3.30am and I do like my sleep as well :-p So if you all don't mind, I'm going to skip the meetings from now on, unless I'm told that something will be discussed (doesn't matter if it's something tiny). It just strikes me as a bit pointless for me to specifically stay up for this to then decide at 1.05am that we have nothing to discuss and adjourn the meeting ^^". Hope you all don't mind.
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• 10/29/2013

Oct 27 Meeting

Was anything else discussed/decided after I left that I should know about?
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• 9/15/2013

September 15 Meeting

Due to the recent lack of attendance in meetings, we've decided to convert the Questions and Answers board of the forum into an Outlining and Discussion Board. Now, we can chat about the story outside of meetings, ongoing and upcoming chapters, and hopefully make a lot more progress.
So check it out and leave your two cents!
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• 9/15/2013

Eris's World

I was just thinking, where in the timeline is Eris's world? The others are pretty close to the ATLA era, but Eris nor Kin has made any mention of it, so I was wondering if we should shake things up and do something really crazy, take advantage of these alternate worlds.
What if Avatar Kin replaces Roku as the Fire Nation Avatar? And the Air Nomads are alive and well? It's possible that Avatar Kin's devotion to the world could even avert the Hundred Year War -if, of course, that was even threatening this timeline. I don't know how different you want to make it, but just by replacing Kin with Roku, it could be very interesting...
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• 9/15/2013


Okay, Wordbender brought up a decent point about Eris' energybending. In her chapter, Eris temporarily loses her ability to energybend due to being in a new place, but I have Eris using her abilities right after stepping through the portal into Ling's world. My theory was this: Because Ursa knocked them through a portal that Eris had no direct control over, she needs time to get accustomed to the odd energy of the new world. Thoughts?
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• 9/15/2013

Outlining and Discussion Board

Hey, everybody, I'm claiming this board as an Outlining and Discussion Board. The weekly meetings haven't been working out so well lately, so we're going to kick it up a notch and try something new.
Here we can discuss any future story ideas, the climax, plot concerns and start work on outlining the rest of Vortex. You can create new threads for separate ideas to keep it better organized.
Hopefully, this will help us propel forward with the story. This doesn't mean the end of our weekly meetings, but it's definitely a welcome addition.
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• 9/9/2013

Vortex Loop

I noticed that the loop is continued in the outline undeterred, and I was wondering whether this should happen.
In Ling's chapter, Eris opens a vortex between her world (#1 in the loop) to his (#5), instead of following the loop. So it seems she can willingly jump from one world to the next. Once they team up with Eris, are they going to stick with the loop, or is she going to vortex them around wherever they need to go, like to find Kin?
I don't have a problem with Eris's loop-jumping -I actually think it provides an interesting development- I just want to clear it up before we go further. There should be a consequence for it, like it quickens the detrimental effects on each world.
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• 9/9/2013

Meeting times

Okay, I have a confession. Sundays at 6:00 are no longer doable for me. Fortunately, LL mentioned that she can now attend meetings whenever. So, my question: Is Sunday at noon, like we did back in the day, good for everyone? Or are we gonna have to find another time?
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• 8/4/2013

Vortex Meeting August 4

New times for Sunday meetings need to be discussed, hopefully more convenient for everyone.
Wordbender's Air chapter was discussed. There is a planned romp into the future, and the end effects of the story and vortexes need to be decided.
Next meeting, we are going to start outlining future events of the story so we can figure out story arcs and approximate number of chapters. Said meeting has yet to be determined for a new time, so please input in discussion. Hopefully everyone will be in attendance. ^_^
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