I'm going to try to rewrite Conversion this weekend and I was also thinking about posting Eris's character page on the AW (modified to cater the changes of course) as now we have a kickass image for her thanks to Minn (again, I totally love her hair :-p) and no one knows her from any fanon for obvious reasons. However, that would mean that there are some slight "spoilers" in regards to her background, though does anyone mind? If so, then I'll simply not post it, she doesn't need to have the page now as I'm quite sure I can introduce her properly without it (though it might lengthen the chapters, I seem to have the habit of writing long ones ^^")

Anyway, what the actual point of this message was: does Eris's father have a name? Okay, of course he has a name, but what is it? Have we options or just not a clue at all? And from what nation is he originally? Might help with the naiming.