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• 4/21/2013

Points of Interest at April 21st Vortex Chat

  • Future meetings can now take place on Sundays at noon, EST.
  • Presuming that BlackMonkey does not respond by the deadline given to him, Shirou will be written out of the story from the beginning, with his place in the main Vortex drawing being taken by Avatar Kin.
  • Given Slash’s departure, Ling will in some future chapter exit the story and his energy will no longer be required to stop the vortexes. A popular idea for how this might happen involves him being injured while entering a vortex. The vortex drains much of his energy while in the process of going through it. Because of this energy drain, the wound opens up every time Kaddo tries to close it and Eris is unable to retrieve the energy lost in the vortex. Therefore, the only way to resolve it is for the others to give him some of their energy and allow Ling to remain in his world and “restock.” Naturally, Slash’s input is needed to finalize and carry that out.
  • The vortexes were created by some accidental action taken by Eris. Although she knew of the existence of the other worlds from her studies at Wan Shi Tong’s library, she was not planning to travel to them. There is a major risk in not closing the vortexes, and the protagonists eventually discover that they need Eris to rectify it.
  • Parts of earlier chapters will have to be rewritten to include:
    • Eris looking for her father.
    • Eris finding out more about the vortexes (and the reader as well.)
    • Characters feeling faint when they’re away from their own world for too long.
    • A notice will be given for readers/subscribers when the changes have been made.
  • Instead of working with a limitless amount of universes, the only universes involved in the story will be those where each of the characters are from, existing in a “loop”: Eris’s world, Sprit War-verse, Energyverse, SHiE-verse, Slashverse (later disconnected from loop) and the Air-verse.
  • Chapter 5 needs a name before publication after editing.
  • Wordbender has shared possibilities for the story of Chapter 6, which will take place in the world of Air.
  • Chapter 7 will involve the characters visiting Eris’s world.
  • Chapter 8 will have the characters catching up to Eris, who will unleash a “torment” upon each of them before she leaves. The ensuing struggle will involve some infighting, character progress and the protagonists ultimately discovering something new about their situation in the process of resolving it, and grow into a closer and more solidified group of friends.
    • Kaddo, suffering a blow, will forget about his mother after Eris senses some of Katara’s energy on him.
    • Ursa will experience an enhanced level of trouble at her looking so much like her aunt Azula.
    • Ling will think of Ursa as the one who killed Ty Lee in his world and will attack her.
    • Yun’s memory of Ty Lee being brainwashed by the Dai Li will be triggered and he will see Yuhan as an enemy again.
    • Yuhan, with his expertise in the area, will recognize that Kaddo has lost his memory of his mother when he fails to recognize her.
  • A “separation chapter” where all characters are in their world at the right time may take place at some point in the future.
  • Eris will call Kaddo “Kiddo” when he makes a sexist remark about her. The others will bring this up at times.
  • Ursa will come to understand Eris to some extent, being a “daddy’s girl” herself and having brothers. This could lead to her figuring out some of Eris’s past for the group.
  • Later on, toward the end, the group will find there’s one besides them and Eris who they need to stop the vortexes. After more time, during which some of them think it may be Ling, they realize that it’s Kin.
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• 4/21/2013

Possible change for the confrontation with Eris: what if she tracks the groups down and then screws with their heads to distract them, giving her ample of time to read their energies and find out more about them to help her figure out what exactly is going on.

• 4/22/2013
All of this sounds awesome except for the part where Eris starts messing with memories. I think that something like that just makes her...I dunno...too powerful. My two cents.
• 4/22/2013

It's not really the memories she toying with, it's the energy combines to a memory. Like someone can still grow happy or sad or whatever when they think of something. She would tap into that energy and (mis)use it.

• 4/22/2013

I understand that; I just think she should stick to emotions surrounding a given memory as opposed to making them forget or see things they shouldn't.

• 4/22/2013

Okay, noted :-) It will definitely be taken into account when the chapter is being written, and then we'll just see what comes out.

• 4/28/2013

Do you guys want a puff piece in the WLS? I really think you guys deserve more readers!

• 4/28/2013

Thanks, OR! I most certainly wouldn't be opposed to that :D

• 4/28/2013

Oh yeah! I was going talk to you about putting in an article about the new Vortex character in the WLS last time, actually... (And then I went inactive ^^") But that'll be great. Thanks for the support as always, OR :D 

• 4/29/2013

The sections pertaining to Ling's departure are null and void :)

• 5/1/2013

Hey, sweet.

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