Vortex meeting May 5th

This meeting was rather short and to the point. The main point of interest was an agreed upon "to-do list":

  • Agent Slash: in the previous meeting, there were some direction guideline decided which would ideally be incorporated in the chapter as well as the points of critique offered in the comment section of chapter 5.
  • ARG: incorporate a scene about Kin reminiscing about how everything went wrong with his relationship with Sakura, thus offering the reader more insight about the events that happened in Eris's past. Depending on the length, a scene of Kin meeting with Wan Shi Tong also takes place -if not here, then it will be moved to another chapter.
  • Lostris: writes a short prologue to get the reader hooked to Vortex. It will likely be a short scene about Eris very briefly thinking about her goals -taking revenge on her father- while giving vague hints to her past leaving the reader wanting more. It ends with Kin arriving on the battle field and sending his pet dragon away again, signaling the start of the first chapter. Aiding Word to rewrite Convergence.
  • Mage: incorporates a scene about Eris returning to Wan Shi Tong's Library in his chapter in which will be explained more details about vortexes, so the reader knows better what's going on.
  • Minnichi: Editing the prologue where necessary as she sees fit.
  • Word: rewrite Convergence, aided by Lostris.
  • All authors sans Lostris: review and possibly rewrite the introduction scene of their character in the first chapter. Since not everyone knows the characters and/or the universes they come from, the first scene with the character should capture the essence of who that character is, so the reader instantly knows who s/he's dealing with. Guidelines on what exactly to change can be found in the comment section of that chapter on the AW, though the main focus points are identity and detail. Better a longer chapter and a decent introduction than a short piece leaving the reader wondering who the hell some character is.

I think that's about all. For those interested, I have the complete chat session saved, so for those who want to reread it, just message me.