Hey all,

I don't want to come off as lazy or distant or whatever, but due to our meeting hour being 1am for me (that's okay, as it seems to be the best hour for everyone else) I'd like to propose a different meeting schedule in regards to me: I don't mind staying up for the meeting if there is some progress or whatever to be discussed, not at all, but I'd like to be alerted of that beforehand. If not, I'm not going to stay up specifically to just chat. You're all cool people, but that's just the problem: I have class at 9am as well and by talking to you all, it happens more often than not that I only see my bed at like 3.30am and I do like my sleep as well :-p So if you all don't mind, I'm going to skip the meetings from now on, unless I'm told that something will be discussed (doesn't matter if it's something tiny). It just strikes me as a bit pointless for me to specifically stay up for this to then decide at 1.05am that we have nothing to discuss and adjourn the meeting ^^". Hope you all don't mind.