So, since we're down another writer now and things seem to have stagnated on here of late, I think we should strongly consider shortening the length of the series. We can still include everything we've discussed in our planning meetings, but there's probably less point in going through the order again and having a second entire chapter in every world. Right now we have the chapter in Yuhan's world, then the one in Ling's world, then the one in Ursa's world. After that comes Eris's world, and the characters finally get the big revelation. The final stages and their alignment with Eris could be condenses into a finale taking place after Eris's chapter, and we can all pitch in for that (or divide the responsibilities accordingly once we have a clearer idea.) This would be shorter than going through the order again, but in my opinion, story quality trumps overall length or number of chapters. It'll also be much easier to obtain a complete story this way. Thoughts?