• Wordbender

    Part Two So Far

    May 31, 2013 by Wordbender

    I apologize, because this is a very rough draft. It needs some elbow grease, and I have to fix references to Kaddo's arrival. But this is the gist of it, so let me know how it works.

    The Avatar sensed his end. There had been times, so many times, that he had wished for his suffering to cease, but not like this. Not by the hand of this terrifying creature that had once been his daughter.

    As the sound of thunder filled his ears, the Avatar closed his eyes. He tried to open his mouth, but the strength had drained from him. I’m sorry, Sakura. A tear escaped from beneath his lid. It slid down his cheek, hot against his flesh, like a brand of shame. So sorry.

    The pressure eased from his chest. Air filled his lungs as he gasped. His eyes flittered o…

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  • Mageddon725

    Okay, I imagine that we're all in the same boat of wanting to see these revisions finished and published so that we can move on with the story. My question is as follows: Do we have a timetable for the release of the revised chapters/sections? If not, we should probably come up with something so that we're not stuck in limbo. Thoughts?

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  • Mageddon725

    I know Slash is going to write the final scene of Chapter 5, but I couldn't, here it is. :)

    Eris narrowed her eyes as a chill ran down her spine; something was odd. She glanced around the massive library, half expecting Wan Shi Tong to attempt to descend on her again, but no spirit was in sight. No, the disturbance stemmed from the energy in the library itself.

    I have felt this energy before… She smirked; though she hadn’t found anything meaningful in her search yet, the people she had inadvertently brought into her revenge were a key. Eris narrowed her eyes. Their energy…it’s linked somehow. I need to find them if I am to learn what went wrong. Perhaps if I were to send them back to their worlds, things would change…

    “But…they are n…

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  • Mageddon725

    Days and Times

    April 11, 2013 by Mageddon725

    Ok, guys, I have determined that, due to our very different lives in very different parts of the world, scheduling these weekly meetings and getting us all together is like herding cats made of jello: impossible. So, I have a semi-useful solution. I would ask that each member write down the days and times throughout the week that they can attend meetings, in the comments of course, and we can compile a decent schedule based on the day and time that is best for everyone (assuming we get that lucky). So, please post in the comments so we can get this rolling. :)

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  • Lady Lostris

    Hey all, I haven't entirely read up on the Vortex story yet (still half like half of Minn's chapter to read through), so I don't know how much any of the proposed would interfere with what will still happen or might have been decided or whatever.

    Anyway, rambling aside, I'll just propose the idea:

    At some point in time, possibly after they destroyed the last vortex but nothing happened though they were expected to be all sent home, the group could tag along with Eris to her world -though obviously not intended (on her side). Perhaps a battle could've gone wrong as in, Eris created a portal to go back to her own world, thinking that she had knocked them all out or something, but was mistaken and they jump her, falling all through the portal e…

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  • Zhao's Fanboy

    Goodbye Vortex

    March 23, 2013 by Zhao's Fanboy

    I sadly write this today because; unfortunately it needs to be written. Earlier a member of the ever so amazing writing team pointed out a fact. I have written but a paragraph of Vortex. I am not qualified to choose the next newbie authors as I wanted too. Yes I wanted to make the choice of new authors (don't worry i wasn't going to cut anyone who wasn't inactive.) myself. The same way I did last time. To pick a great team! I even said that I wouldn't pick people I didn't like. But somebody wants to vote. So I will give you all the vote.

    According to a former author/bystander; I'm not really fit to be in a community fanon because I "unwanted edits", said person noting that the new Main Page design I made was reverted by both ARG; and Minnic…
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  • Suzon

    In attendence were: Everyone except for Wordbender, AvatarRokusGhost, Minnichi, BlackMonkey, and Agent Slash.

    Suzon brought up six topics to discuss:

    • A revision of Vortex's main page on the Avatar Wiki.
    • The addition of a News/Updates page of Vortex on the Avatar Wiki.
    • The filling in of major story events that are missing from the Outline.
    • Deciding on a date for the Winter Finale, which also means that the unreleased previous chapters have to be released by than.
    • Making a BSST column advertising the Winter Finale, including, a recap of previous chapters, a minor excerpt, a tiny plot description, and the Release Date.
    • minor discussion about the possibility of a sequel series.

    Unfortunately, only two authors showed up to the prescheduled meeting.


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  • Suzon

    In attendance were: Suzon, Wordbender, AvatarRokusGhost, Mageddon725, and Agent Slash

    • A winter finale was discussed, prompting AvatarRokusGhost to add it to the timeline.
    • The effects of the Paradox on reality was discussed, and although there is debate about  delivery, simple signs escalating into worlds crumbling seems to be generally agreed upon.
    • Chapter 8, was moved to chapter seven, with the finale becoming six, chapter six became chapter nine, and chapter seven became chapter eight.
    • I (Suzon), have added possible plot points for the winter finale, and its other "part" Sozin's Comet, at the next meeting we can work out the kinks, because nothings set in stone.

    In other news, Mage, Wordbender, and Slash recieved a cookie for identifying The …

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  • Mageddon725

    Meeting Schedule

    December 30, 2012 by Mageddon725

    For our weekly meetings, it seems that Monday at 5:00 is not good for some. Do we have another day and time that would be good for everyone? And as for New Year's Eve, which is tomorrow, will there be a meeting?

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  • Wordbender

    In my Internet browsing today, I came across an article called 'On Being a Co-Writer'. Hey, I said to myself, I'm a co-writer!

    I skimmed through and it makes some very good points, so I thought I'd share with all my fellow co-writers. XD

    On Being A Co-Writer

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