Eris, the twenty-year-old master energybender.

Eris, born as Sakura, is a twenty-year-old master energybender who has a burning hatred for her father, Avatar what'shisname.

After her brothers died when she was twelve, her father had blamed her for it in a fit of rage, and was later too ashamed of himself to mend the bond he had broken. He began to focus on his Avatar duties, seeing a new family, a fresh chance, in the world to which he devoted all his time to now. They grew apart, and when she was fourteen, she despised her father to the point where she vowed to end his life. After her mother died at that age, she ran away, and encountered Wan Shi Tong's Library on her journey. There, she learned all she needed to learn about the powerful art of energybending, including all its dark facets. She trained for years, getting through every day due to her hatred for her father, and when she was nineteen, she emerged again as the beautiful but deadly Eris, who set out to destroy her father by making him lose the one thing he held most dear: the world.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

As the daughter of the Avatar, Sakura lead a prosperous life. Her mother was a Fire Nation commoner, though the fame of the Avatar made sure that they had everything they ever wanted. She adored her father and was a typical "daddy's girl". As the Avatar, he often needed to travel, though he tried to make his journeys as short as possible and whenever he returned, he would always be bearing gifts from all over the world for his special little girl, though her favorite was a small doll with a porcelain head from the Earth Kingdom.

When she was four, Eris became the elder sister of Yuta and Yahato, and her life was just perfect. Around that time, her father also started her firebending training and it soon turned out that she had a real talent for the element. By the time it was nearing her twelfth birthday, she had mastered the skill and its subskill of lightning generation, something that had come very easy to her.

A world turned upside down Edit

Disaster struck, however, when the Avatar and his wife were out on a date, celebrating their fifteenth wedding anniversary. Sakura and the twins were left at home under the supervision of their babysit, Maya. The couple's date was running late and Maya had a curfew to meet, thus left on the set hour for home, leaving Sakura and her brothers all alone. The two eight-year-olds were up to no good and started to pester their sister, much to her annoyance. As the responsible elder sister, Sakura attempted to settle the situation maturely -and thus locked her brothers up in their room. The two would not calm down, and attempted to climb out of their third-floor window. As non-benders, they had to resort to their ingenuity to cross the distance and tied the bed sheets together. The fabric could not hold both of their combined weights, however, and ripped under the pressure, sending them both plummeting down to their deaths.

Completely panicked, Sakura shook the lifeless bodies of her brothers. Not knowing what else to try, she shocked them with a minor voltage lightning bolt, hoping it would spark their hearts into beating again, though the light had already gone out of their eyes forever. Twenty minutes later, her parents found her crying frantically by the remains of her siblings, holding Yuta tightly to her chest.

Sakura's mother sagged down and fainted upon seeing the drama that had befallen her children, while her father pried Yuta free from her grasp. Sakura was too shaken up to utter a word, so the Avatar examined the body in silence, noticing the effects the lightning had left of the boy's body. Making the conclusion that Sakura had held an Agni Kai with her brothers and shot them with lightning, subsequently killing them, a rageful scowl formed on his face, emphasized by the eerie glow that passed over his eyes. With a thousand voices, he accused her of the double murder, turning a deaf ear to her terrified attempts to explain. Heartbroken and hurt, Sakura was sent away so her father could bury her brothers and tend to his wife.

Since that moment, nothing was ever the same for Sakura. Her father blamed her for what had befallen her brothers, even though she explained everything later on.

Sakura had loved her dad. She thought he was the greatest thing ever; he was her hero, her entire world. After the fateful incident, however, that all changed. Her father would not talk to her, unless he had to; he would not look at her, unless he had to. He never wanted to do anything ever again with her. Sakura never figured out that her father was actually ashamed of what he had done to her that day. He was ashamed that he had gone into the Avatar State, ashamed that he had yelled at her, and ashamed that he had even thought that she was responsible for what happened to her brothers; she never figured out that the one thing he wanted was to forget it all ever happened. Thus, she lived on with the only certainly that she had about that day: he father hated her and she was to blame. However, she knew that she was not to blame, but she could not make him see that. The injustice of it all started to poison her mind. If even the Avatar, the great balance-bringer, the guardian of peace, her father, was not capable of seeing the truth, then how rotten must the rest of the world be? She hated him for that.

The last drop Edit

For years, it went from bad to worse. Sakura spend her next two birthday alone in her room. Her mother had sunk into a depression and barely registered what happened around her, and her father buried himself under his Avatar duties to the world. He spent as much time as possible catering for the world's every need, being their for everyone, except his own family, as it was too painful to face his most visible failure.

Sakura hated her dad by now with more ferocity than the fiercest flame she could conjure herself. She hated everything about him, and by proxy, everything about herself as his blood flowed through her veins.

The depression of her mother took a heavy toll on the woman and the mental illness slowly but steadily consumed her body till there was hardly anything left to feed on. Sakura knew that her mother was dying. She was fourteen now. She pleaded with her dad not to leave for the South Pole, the furthest away from home that he could go, though as always, he would not listen to her, saying that she could handle things at home by herself.

On a stormy night, the howling wind sounded in the beginning of the end. With a mighty blow, it opened up a window and Sakura's mother caught a cold, a stupid cold, that would suck the life of her frail body. With her father's words in mind, Sakura knew what was going to happen. She knew that he would blame her again for his wife death, just as he had blamed her for her brothers death. He blamed her for everything bad. She could see it in his eyes, in those rare moments that he did look at her. They were dark shadows swimming around her, and the moment he noticed that she was looking, he would turn away. Determined not to stick around to let him release those dark shadows upon her, she gave her mother a dignified burial next to her sons, under the cherry tree. Sakura hung around the house one day more, making sure she had destroyed every last thing in her room -except for the porcelain doll, her favorite gift from her father. She went outside with it, blasted a fourth grave next to that of her family with her lightning and buried the doll. Now, her entire family was dead to her. Even though her father was still alive, he was already dead to her. His actual death was just a technicality at that moment, one she was determined to take care of.

When the Avatar returned home, he found the four graves under the cherry tree, and his heart broke. It were never shadows of anger that Sakura saw in his eyes, it had been shadows of guilt and sadness over the bond he broke with his daughter but was unable to fix. Now, standing over what he believed to be her grave, he said everything to her that he wanted to say but never could. Having nothing more to live for, the Avatar made the world his family, and he would do everything to protect it.

Becoming Eris Edit

Sakura knew that her father had cared more for the wellbeing of the world than that of his own family, so had set out with only one goal in mind: ending the Avatar's life, making him feel the pain he had put her through. If he cared so much about the world, then she would do everything in her power to destroy it to destroy him.

She traveled the world and when she was fifteen, she stumbled upon an ancient building with more information than she would ever thought possible to have been collected in one place. Inside, she found an entire collection of scrolls dedicated to the most dangerous of all bending arts: energybending. She soaked up everything that giant library could offer her on information about it, from the basic energy flows, to creating vortexes, and the fact that there were other universes existing alongside one another, though all somehow connected through the energy they emitted. She loved the prospect of commanding the world's energies, especially when it meant that she could disrupt them, creating these "vortexes". What she loved most of all about it though, was that it was a bending skill not even the Avatar possessed.

She spent years studying and training in that library. She had learned everything that she needed to in order to be the most powerful being that walked the earth, a being not even the spirits could stop. The owl creature had tried after it figured out what her purpose in his library was, though the owl creature would try no more, she had made sure of that. With his defeat, her first attempt to create a vortex to another dimension had been a success.

By the time she was nineteen, she emerged again, having undergone a complete metamorphosis. No longer was she the sweet hearted Sakura, loving daughter of the Avatar, and a master firebender. By now, she was the beautiful but dangerous Eris, bringer of discord, killer of the Avatar, and a master energybender.

She would bring down her father, even if it meant ripping the entire universe in all its facets apart.

Personality Edit

Vain, angry, vindictive, arrogant.

Abilities Edit

She is a master firebender with a high proficiency in lightning generation. However, as that power ties her to her father, she had completely forsaken using that skill, completely relying on her newly found skill of energybending. However, she is still rather good at fighting hand-to-hand, based on the firebending moves and agility that comes with it.

  • Energy reading: As a master energybender, she is able to read people's energies, instantly knowing one's relationships based on the unique fluxes their energies give off (sort of like intertwined auras and whatnot). As such, she can manipulate said energy to mess with one's mind.
    • For example, she can focus on a certain energy, make the person that is intertwined with that energy believe that the energy is the real person. If something would then happen to the energy, the connected one would feel like something happened with the actual person -even though it does not effect that person.
    • Specific example: she could zoom in on Yuhan, detect Riya's energy and swipe it with a dagger. The energy and Riya herself would not be effected by it, though Yuhan would feel like Riya was stabbed. Or she could tap into Katara's energy that still lingers in Kaddo and make him feel like his mother is really there with him (which would then be kind of cruel to sort of kill her again ^^").
  • Energy draining: As the energy is also a person's life force, she can physically control a person by draining said energy, knocking them out or even killing them. (this would entail that the first chapter needs to be partially rewritten, as that energybending there resembled a bit too much bloodbending, which I cannot really explain ^^").
    • This could also be applied to bending attacks, especially effective against fire, since that it pure energy.
  • Energy transfer: She shift the life force from one person to another, which could prove beneficial to heal someone, even herself, though could be lethal when she takes too much of the giver.
  • Vortex: create an energy-based portal that allows instant traveling to anywhere ever in time past or present based on tracking down a specific energy.

Physical appearance Edit

^ source of inspiration

Eris is a young, athletic woman, though is like a tiger: beautiful, but deadly. She is very vain, thus prides herself over her appearances. Her long, black, wavy hair is her pride and joy, and she will literally kill those who dare mess with it. She has sharp features, and bright, golden eyes that contrast heavily with her overall dark appearance.

She has a grayish skin tone, which is the result of being cocked up in Wan Shi Tong's Library for three to four years, as well as the energybending. To create a vortex, she needs to sacrifice part of her own life force, feeding off her own energy. The manifestation of that in physical form is a minor cell death throughout the less vital regions of her body, thus giving her a grayish appearance. Once the energy is burned out of the the layers of fat just below the skin, causing subcutaneous layer death, mostly carbon compounds remain, thus turning her blood black.

Trivia Edit

  • Eris is named after the Greek Goddess of Discord, who is Ares's sister.
  • Sakura is a Japanese name, meaning "cherry blossom".
  • Yuta is a Japanese name, meaning "very helpful".
  • Yahato is a Japanese name, meaning "tall tree".
  • Eris's physical appearances resemble those of Eris from the movie Sinbad, Legend of the Seven Seas.
  • KMP is to thank for the explanation of the gray skin, which is known as "internal gangrene".

Reasons to make the antagonist female Edit

I know the original villain was said to be a creepy male clown named Olaiya, as opposed to a beautiful woman named Eris, but I have some reasons for doing that:

  1. I can write better for a woman than a man.
  2. It's refreshing: the ultimate bad guys are usually male, thus a female antagonist would break the "tradition".
  3. Amongst the five heroes, there is only one female, thus another female in the story could not hurt to even out the testosterone.
  4. Eris could pose a challenging threat to Ursa who would feel more protective of "her boys".
  5. The guys, especially Kaddo, would underestimate Eris since she is a woman and feel more relaxed about fighting her. However, they will learn that the only way to beat her is to work together, thus more group-bounding is needed to overcome their differences.
  6. There are just more sassy remarks to be gives by a female to a man, as opposed to a man to a man.