Ling is a very peaceful person. Unlike most Earthbenders, he is not stubborn or blunt in any way. When he was very young, his mother died in a flood and he and his father moved to Ba Sing Se. He studied with Toph Beifong in her Metalbending Academy until it was transfered to Yu Dao. All of his life, Ling has haed bullies and has done his best do be a good person. However, during the third Slash Trilogy fanon, Avatar: Into the Light, he is a depressed recluse who shows almost no emotion whatsoever.

History (Suki's Story)Edit

Saving BoEdit

The Zhiming Assassins have invaded Kyoshi Island and have sent many Earthbenders to conquer it. Many of them are about to strike Bo down, when something unexpaected happens...

The Earthbenders were about to rip Bo to shreds when he was saved by five earth pillars dividing them. “What is the matter with you?!” Kang Dae shouted. “Is your aim really that off?!” “They didn’t do it,” a voice was heard. “I did.” A boy who looked about eighteen leapt into sight and landed right in front of Bo. He had brown hair, was dressed in an Earth Kingdom tunic, and had an impressive build. “You really should not take on so many people at once; you could have gotten yourself killed,” the boy said. Bo was embarrassed. He was being lectured by some Earthbender he did not even know. “Hey, get off my case, pal!” he retorted. Suki had had enough waiting. She left her hiding spot and joined Bo and the Earthbending boy. “Thanks for saving my friend. Who are you?” she questioned. “You are welcome. My name is Ling.”

“Well, Ling, you seem to know a lot about fighting so tell me; do you have any idea how to beat all of these guys?” Bo asked. Ling was slightly irritated by Bo’s attitude. “As a matter of fact, I do!” Ling levitated two boulders out of the ground and hurled them straight at his opponents. About ten or so were knocked back.

Formation of Team SukiEdit

Suki, Bo, and Ling have just fled Kyoshi Island when they start to talk about what they should do next...

Kyoshi Island was out of sight. Suki was devastated. She had just returned to the home she had missed so much, only to have it taken away from her. “Where are we going to go now?” Bo wondered aloud.

“We need to find the nearest town.” Ling spoke up. “I’m sure we can find some help if we notify enough people. And maybe we can find some food while we are at it.” “You heard what Tai Kun said,” Suki started. “Those guys have their hearts set on dominating the Earth Kingdom.” “What’s to stop them from doing that?” Bo asked.

“We are,” Suki replied. “We are going to make them pay for what they have done!” “So since you are using the term ‘we’ I guess we made ourselves a permanent, new friend.” Bo said. “Yes, one we are going to end up liberating the Earth Kingdom with,” Ling added.

Meeting RongEdit

A girl who Suki and Bo believe to be a Zhiming scout has mistaken them for the same thing. After a brief scuffle, Ling emerges from his tent, ready to fight off the intruder...

Ling had emerged from his tent, ready for a fight. “What’s going on?!” he questioned. He saw the girl who had snuck up on them and was instantly frozen. “Hey, buddy, are you okay?” Bo inquired. Ling was taken aback by the beauty of this girl; he had just laid eyes on her and yet he was already infatuated with her. “Uh, sorry, I just got distracted for a second.” Suki re-focused on the task at hand. “Which one of them sent you?” she asked the girl. “Wait, I thought you were Zhiming scouts,” the girl explained.

“So you are not one either?” “Of course I’m not! I would never affiliate myself with those low-lives!” “Well then, who are you?”

“I’m the daughter of a Fire Nation nobleman. I left home about a year before the War ended and have been living in multiple forests ever since,” the girl explained. “The name’s Rong by the way,” she added. “Hi. My name is Suki and these are my friends: Bo and Ling.”

“Hi, nice to meet you,” said Bo.

The only thing Ling could force out of his mouth was a very awkward “Hey.”

“So, where exactly are you three from?” Rong asked.

“I’m from Kyoshi Island. It was just recently invaded by the Zhiming Assassins,” Suki answered. “I’m from the Southern Water Tribe,” said Bo. “I’m the only Waterbender left from there other than that ‘Katara’ kid.” “I’m from a village that was destroyed by a catastrophic flood,” Ling elaborated. “My mother was killed and my dad and I moved to Ba Sing Se and we were two of the survivors of it’s near-destruction. “I’m so sorry to hear that,” Rong sympathized.

“Our goal now is to stop the Zhiming Assassins for good,” Suki stated.

“That’s been a goal of mine too,” Rong said. “I’ve been tracking those savages for weeks; trying to at least slow down their master plan.” “You mean their plan to dominate the Earth Kingdom?” Suki assumed.

“No. Not just the Earth Kingdom. That’s only phase one. Their master plan is to dominate all of the nations.” Rong corrected her. Suki’s eyes widened. Her expression then became very serious. “We’re not going to let that happen,” she declared. Suki then had an idea and new it was a good one. “Rong, we both want the same thing and we are both skilled in what we do. Would you like to join us in your quest?” Suki asked. “What makes you think I want to join you?” Rong asked, quizzically.

“I can see it in your eyes. You want to join us and I know you want to defeat the Zhiming Assassins as badly as we do. So, what do you say?” Suki outstretched her arm in Rong’s direction. Rong glared at Suki for a few moments and then put on a friendly expression. “Sure, Suki; I would be my pleasure to join you three.” “And I hope we all get to know each other really well,” said Ling.

Admitting His FeelingsEdit

Team Suki has just fled Omashu, taking refuge in the town of Lianhua. After ditching Suki and Bo, Ling and Rong find their way to the bamboo fields on the outskirts of the town...

Rong and Ling were walking through the streets of Lianhua by themselves. “Hey, Rong, do you think we should have ditched our friends back there?” Ling asked. “Don’t worry, I’m sure they will be alright,” Rong responded, reassuringly.

The pair approached a vendor who was selling cabbages. “Two cabbages, please,” Ling ordered. “Here you are,” said the Cabbage Merchant. “Ah, it is so nice to finally see someone buying my cabbages and not destroying my cart,” he added. Rong and Ling quizzically looked at each other. “Alright then,” Ling remarked. As the pair ate their cabbages, they left the small town and went into the fields of bamboo on the town’s outskirts. “Rong, I think you know this already, but I think you are a really amazing person. You are really compassionate, brave, and there are so many things we have in common,” Ling confessed. “You know, Ling, this is kind of sudden,” Rong started. Ling’s heart sunk in his chest. “But I feel the same way about you.” Ling’s face lit up at these words. “By the way, Ling, have you ever heard the story of the Avatar twins?” Rong asked. “No, I haven’t” Ling responded.

“It’s about a brother and sister who were both born as the Avatar. They ended up having to fight each other to the death in order to keep their Avatar title,” Rong explained. “Why are you telling me this?” Ling asked.

“Because, that story always reminds me to never let anything stupid come between someone I love. I don’t want to lose you, Ling,” said Rong. After a few silent moments, Rong and Ling shared a deep, long kiss under the moonlight

Reunion With RongEdit

Team Suki and their allies, the Si Guan Lian, have orchestrated a plan to infiltrate the Zhiming stronghold and save Rong. Gahno, Ren, and Kuong disguise themselves as prison guards and the remaining members of Team Suki pretend to be their prisoners. They are all led into a room with Rong inside, when Hong Wu, Kang Dae, and Shuang decide to start the execution...

"Well, sorry to spoil you fun, fellas!” said Kuong. The three Zhiming Superiors’ expressions become those of shock. Kuong took off his helmet and tossed it at Hong Wu, who dodged it and threw a knife in Kuong’s direction. Kuong sidestepped the blade and drew a dagger. The three Si Guan Lian members then released their ‘captives’ at once, allowing them to attack. Suki let out a fierce cry as she ran at Hong Wu and sent an uppercut onto her arch-rival’s jaw, then dealt a blow to his stomach and then his face. Shuang, pulling water out of the air, sent several ice daggers at Bo. The young Waterbender bent the water from his pouch and formed an ice shield to defend himself. He then converted the shield into a stream of water, knocking Shuang down and causing him to hit the wall behind him. With a mighty kick, Ling broke the bonds that had trapped Rong. “Ling! You have no idea how happy I am to see you!” Rong said, unable to fight back the tears of joy. These tears were forming in Ling’s eyes as well. “I love you, Rong. I am so happy to see you again,” he said. “I love you too,” Rong replied.

Learning MetalbendingEdit

Team Suki has been taken hostage by the Zhimings. Tai Kun has just revealed his master plan: to take Ba Sing Se by storm, when he decides to execute his enemies...

“Now, let’s get on with this, shall we? Like I said, we do not plan on wasting any more time.” “Neither do we,” said Ling. The Earthbender sprung up from the floor and Metalbent the floor underneath the Zhimings, slamming them into a wall. He then proceeded to quickly free everyone else. “Run!” he yelled. The five friends bolted out of the room, leaving the other behind. As they approached the exit of the rather small compound, they heard the sound of air coming at them from behind. The heroes were, all of the sudden, slammed into the exit door. Suki tried to get up and run, but could not move. “I’m stuck!” she alerted everyone. “Yeah, me too!” said Ty Lee.

Shun approached them from behind and let out a sinister chuckle. “You kids forgot about my little Gravitybending trick, didn’t you? Big mistake,” she said. She got behind Ling and formed an air spear in her hands. “I think I will end your life first, boy.” Taking deep breaths, Rong focused her positive and negative energy, separating them and them making them clash once again. As Shun moved in for the kill, Rong released a bolt of lightning from her fingertips, electrocuting the Airbender and sending her to the ground. Free from Shun’s grip, Ling wasted no time Metalbending the door down and escaping with the others. “We have to find Feng!” Suki yelled. She heard a yelp from the side of the compound. All of Team Suki saw Feng locked in a metal cage. Ling Metalbent the cage down while Suki and Bo sliced through the eel hound’s mouth and tail restraints. “Come on, let’s go!” Bo shouted. And with that, the team was off.

Tai Kun and the other Zhiming Superiors came rushing down the hallway, only to see Shun barely conscious on the ground and their enemies escaping. Furious, Tai Kun stomped his foot into the ground and let out a fierce yell. “Why did no one tell me that the boy could Metalbend?!” he demanded.

Comforting SukiEdit

Devastated over the death of Ty Lee, Suki mourns over the loss of her friend, when Bo and Ling try to cheer her up...

Suki and her friends had been forced to slow down. It was impossible for Feng to run at full speed through the crowded Ba Sing Se streets. As they trekked through the middle ring, Suki was deep in thought about recent events. Bo noticed that Suki was troubled and moved over to check on her. “Hey, is everything okay?” he asked. Without turning around, Suki responded. “If only I could have saved her,” she spoke. Bo knew who Suki was referring to. “Listen, Suki, Ty Lee would not have wanted us all to let her death affect our mission,” he said. “I didn’t want her to come in the first place!” Suki screamed, catching the attention of Ling and Rong, as well as several bystanders. “If I had just ordered her to stay on Kyoshi Island, then she wouldn’t have died!” Unsure of what to say next, Bo moved aside and let Ling speak. “Listen Suki, you can’t change what has happened. You can’t spend all of your time wondering ‘what if’. I know you and Ty Lee were close, but you have to focus on our mission now,” he spoke. “The entire Earth Kingdom – the whole world is counting on us. We have to be fully focused and ready to do what it takes.” Suki turned around. “Oh, don’t you worry about me being focused,” Suki replied. “I’m going to make sure this ends for good.”

Persuading ShuangEdit

The Battle For Ba Sing Se has begun. Ling and Shuang are locked in an epic battle in which it seems like only one will survive. Shuang has Ling in his Bloodbending grip, when the Earthbender makes one last effort to change the Waterbender's mind about whose side he should be on...

In the midst of battle, Ling and Shuang were still dueling. Ling shot an earth column out of the ground, attempting to strike Shuang. The maniacal Waterbender countered with a water spout, shooting himself over the column and then back down onto it. Once Shuang landed, he slid down the column and faced Ling. He then shot his arms straight forward, locking Ling in his Bloodbending grip. Shuang laughed, insanely as he twisted Ling’s body around. “Shuang, listen to me,” Ling started. “Shut up!” Shuang ordered. “I’m going to enjoy this!” he said. “And I‘ll do so by making your death as slow and painful as possible!” “Shuang, I know what your problem is,” Ling said. “It’s written all over your face.” Shuang paused and wondered what Ling was getting at. “You were bullied; tormented,” Ling said. “No! No! You don’t know anything about me!” Shuang screamed.

“Don’t lie, Shuang,” Ling said.

Shuang knew Ling’s words were true, but he wished they weren’t. Shuang froze as he remembered that awful memory. He remembered running away, living out many of his days in the icy Northern Water Tribe tundra. As time passed, Shuang grew more and more insane. And each and every day he blamed those kids for what had happened. His hatred for them and for humanity in general grew stronger and stronger. He constantly hunted for arctic hen among other things found in the tundra in order to survive. Tears ran down the Waterbender’s face and he released his grip on Ling. “Look, I know that we are enemies, but it is my personal duty to help people who have gone through rough situations,” Ling said. “You can leave Tai Kun and the Zhimings behind. You can start over.”

After the BattleEdit

The battle is over. The Zhiming Assassins are no more. Team Suki and the Si Guan Lian have all met up at the Jasmine Dragon, where Ling and Rong will soon have yet another moment...

Out back, Rong was staring off into the Ba Sing Se sunset. Ling stood next to her with his arm on her shoulder. Without the need for Ling to say anything, Rong answered the question he was about to ask. “He died who he was,” she said. “He found his true identity and he helped us by killing one of his own. I am going to miss him so much.” Ling began to tear up. “You know, seven months ago, when I took a vacation to Kyoshi Island, I never thought I would end up making such amazing new friends, going on a life-changing adventure, and meeting the most beautiful and most amazing girl in the world,” he said. Rong began tearing up as well. The two embraced each other in a deep, passionate kiss that lasted for over a minute. “I love you,” said Ling. “I love you too,” Rong said.

Important ChaptersEdit

The Beginning of a New Adventure, Rong, Bamboo Under the Moonlight, The Si Guan Lian, Infiltrated, Battle For Ba Sing Se, Part 2: Suki of Kyoshi Island