Olaiya with a vortex opening up next to him.

Olaiya is the main antagonist of Avatar: Vortex. He is the son of the current Avatar. He is a master of Energybending; and has recieved energybending tattoos, which look similar to Airbending tattoos.


Up until age 12, Olaiya lived a normal and happy life. He had been thought the art of energybending by the high sages. When Olaiya was 12, Olaiya's Father left his family to defeat a great evil. From that point on, Olaiya began to hate the avatar.


Olaiya has grey energybending tattoos similar to airbending tattoos all over his body. He has dark eyes. He wears grey robes. He has a grey complexion.

Olaiya Design

Olaiya, in an upset state.


Olaiya is determined and doesn't stop until he gets what he wants. He hates being told what he can or cannot do. He is also manipulative, and uses his both flattering and condescending words to control other people. He is very serious, though he does laugh, and smile on occasion. When he is upset he tends to act out; like a young child. Olaiya has used his manipulative prowess to gain hundreds of thousands of followers whom worship him as the "God of Death".

Happy Olaiya

A rare sight; Olaiya happy.

Olaiya Determined

Olaiya, determined as usual.