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    Kaddo's Crossover

    August 28, 2012 by AvatarRokusGhost

    It's a little long. I'll try and trim it down by 50-100 words. I may also rewrite the part with the vortex itself.

    As Kaddo’s canoe slugged across the boundless surface of ocean – with a flat level of salty water as far as the eye could see in every direction – its young passenger finally glimpsed the sticking tip of an iceberg. It was the first sign of his approaching the South Pole. The aspiring waterbending master reached down and slid his thick, woolly Water Tribe overcoat back over his shoulders. He had shed it earlier when heated sun, combined with the exercise of his journey had caused him to sweat. Now the changing weather between the southern coastline of the Earth Kingdom and the South Pole made him reverse the step to stay …

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    [04:42] Huzzah!

    [04:42] I saw your outline, WB, and I think it works nicely.

    [04:43] Great! Sorry it took so long. :(


    [04:43] Eh...things happen. :)

    [04:43] Now...I think the order of the day should be Olaiya's minions/soldiers

    [04:43] Eventually, my brain will get into the gear with this project.

    [04:44] Good thought. I hadn't actually tho…

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    • The next meting will be on Monday, at 5 PM, EST.
    • We did some role playing related to our Character Conventions, to get a feel for the characters and how the group was compatible.
    • A quote from Yun which provides perspective: ”I’m not sure about this; we hardly know each other! You and Ursa seem nice enough, Kaddo, but Elquiorra hasn’t said much of anything. And Sera…I don’t trust her.”
    • Seraphine might open up to another character during the course of the story, but she would have to threaten that character not to tell her secret in the process.
    • Seraphine will be saved by someone early on and feel indebted to that character, which is her motivation to travel to other worlds from that point on. She may be healed by Kaddo.
    • Characters such as Yun, Ursa …
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    [05:04:06] wordbender_ Haha, I get it now. ^_^

    [05:04:24] AvatarRokusGhost lol

    [05:04:59] wordbender_ Just us so far?

    [05:05:32] AvatarRokusGhost Looks like it

    [05:05:44] AvatarRokusGhost I sent the link to Omar and Lostris too...

    [05:06:25] wordbender_ Hmm...Perhaps we should poke them.

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    • The next meeting will be on Monday at 5 PM, EST.
    • We will be playing “Character Conventions.” Everyone is encouraged to write up a comprehensive profile on their character and possibly include some scenes or suggested chapter readings for information on their character. Later on, we will role play on IRC to get an idea for the different characters and how they would fit together.
    • The prologue will be written by Suzon. Olaiya will be introduced as the son of an Avatar in the distant future. His father left Olaiya and Olaiya’s mother to perform his duty to the world when Olaiya was younger. Olaiya perceives his father as having abandoned the family. Thus, he hates his father, and by extension, all Avatars.
    • Also in the prologue, a “paradox” becomes th…
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