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[04:42] <wordbender> Huzzah!

[04:42] <Mageddon725> I saw your outline, WB, and I think it works nicely.

[04:43] <wordbender> Great! Sorry it took so long. :(

[04:43] <wordbender>

[04:43] <Mageddon725> Eh...things happen. :)

[04:43] <Mageddon725> Now...I think the order of the day should be Olaiya's minions/soldiers

[04:43] <wordbender> Eventually, my brain will get into the gear with this project.

[04:44] <wordbender> Good thought. I hadn't actually thought about that yet.

[04:44] <@AvatarRokusGhost> Yeah me neither

[04:44] <Mageddon725> It is kinda important, since we will be making our characters fight them

[04:45] <wordbender> Initially, they'd all have to be from Olaiya's world, yes?

[04:45] <wordbender> Since the vortexes aren't created until the story begins.

[04:45] <Mageddon725> Or at least his dimension. They could be spirits

[04:45] <wordbender> Good point!

[04:45] <wordbender> *prize for Mageddon*

[04:46] * AvatarRokusGhost nods

[04:46] <Mageddon725> Ooh! I love prizes!

[04:46] <@AvatarRokusGhost> And they follow the heroes into the different worlds?

[04:46] <wordbender> Hmm....

[04:46] <wordbender> What if the heroes are following Olaiya and the minions?

[04:47] <@AvatarRokusGhost> That could work

[04:48] <wordbender> I think it might work best.

[04:48] <@AvatarRokusGhost> They would also be destroying the vortexes and collecting the scattered energy at the same time

[04:48] <wordbender> Right.

[04:48] <Mageddon725> Well, here's my thinking: After the heroes meet and inadvertently (or intentionally, that can be discussed later) destroy the first vortex, Olaiya sends them to stop the heroes from destroying the others

[04:48] <wordbender> It would make the travel interesting.

[04:48] <wordbender> What if we incorporate the 'Sliders' element, and each vortex is only open for so long before it's destroyed?

[04:49] <wordbender> (hehe, brainstorming! I love it!)

[04:51] <@AvatarRokusGhost> Hmmm...that could work

[04:51] <@AvatarRokusGhost> It would make everything time sensitive when they go to different worlds

[04:52] <Mageddon725> True, true...(btw, WB, I liked my prize XD)

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[04:55] <ARG1986> Sorry

[04:55] <ARG1986> [04:52] <Mageddon725> True, true...(btw, WB, I liked my prize XD)

[04:55] <ARG1986> Thats the last thing I saw

[04:56] <wordbender> [15:30] <wordbender> (Glad you did. Mysti showed that to me. :D)

[04:56] <wordbender> [15:32] <wordbender> Question: Does Olaiya create vortexes at will, or did he establish and chain reaction? And can he open more than one at once?

[04:56] <wordbender> [15:32] <wordbender> *overload*

[04:56] <wordbender> That's all you missed. ;)

[04:56] <Mageddon725> Okay...for my own personal curiosity, who is ARG1986?

[04:56] == AvatarRokusGhost[45731375@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]

[04:57] <Mageddon725> And where did ARG go?

[04:57] <wordbender> It's still ARG. I think he's having technical difficulties.

[04:57] <ARG1986> I'm right here

[04:57] == ARG1986 has changed nick to AvatarRokusGhost

[04:57] -NickServ- This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>.

[04:58] -NickServ- You are now identified forAvatarRokusGhost.

[04:58] <Mageddon725> bad...

[04:58] <Mageddon725> I'm going to hide my face in shame now... *realizes no one can see his face b/c he's online* nevermind...

[04:58] <wordbender> XD

[04:59] <AvatarRokusGhost> XD

[04:59] <wordbender> I guess the Olaiya questions will have to be answered by Suzon, though.

[04:59] <AvatarRokusGhost> And I think Olaiya made them in the prologue

[04:59] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yeah, if only Suzon were here

[05:00] <wordbender> If only...*sigh*

[05:00] <Mageddon725> If only the other SIX contributors were here, you mean...

[05:00] <wordbender> lol

[05:00] <wordbender> Quick, let's plot out the basic outline now, while there's less resistance! /jk

[05:01] <AvatarRokusGhost> Sounds good

[05:01] <Mageddon725> We already have a basic outline, but to fill in the particulars, we need everyone else...

[05:02] <wordbender> wordbender's vocabulary -- 'Basic Outline': Being a list of events that need to occur in each chapter.

[05:03] <Mageddon725> Oh, I its a comprehensive basic outline ;)

[05:03] <AvatarRokusGhost> Okay

[05:03] <Mageddon725> I even messaged Suzon today to make sure he didn't forget...

[05:03] <wordbender> Right. It's what *needs* to happen, but how it happens is up to the chap's author. ;)

[05:03] <AvatarRokusGhost> So the characters meet at the end of Ch 1 and figure things out in Ch 2?

[05:03] <AvatarRokusGhost> Same

[05:03] <Mageddon725> Agreed.

[05:03] <wordbender> I think so.

[05:04] <wordbender> So they all meet in one place?

[05:04] <Mageddon725> Well, perhaps after a bit of travel, but yes, I imagine that they're all in close proximity

[05:04] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yeah, that sounds good

[05:04] <wordbender> Okay. Same world, at the very least. ;)

[05:05] <AvatarRokusGhost> Is it Olaiya's world?

[05:05] <wordbender> Good question!

[05:05] <wordbender> Perhaps Olaiya's world should be last, because it will incur the most damage.

[05:05] <Mageddon725> I don't think so....I think it should be a neutral world and Olaiya's would be last

[05:05] <wordbender> That could spur his realization fo the paradox.

[05:06] <Mageddon725> Right.

[05:06] <wordbender> Okay, this has been bugging me:

[05:06] <Mageddon725> That's what I meant, then they destroy that vortex and get whisked off to one of the character's worlds, thus Chapter 3

[05:06] <wordbender> If we're going to visit everyone's world, how many other characters will they encounter?

[05:07] <Mageddon725> That, I think, would be up to the author of that world and subsequent chapter

[05:07] <wordbender> Okay. That could work. I wasn't sure how much we wanted to delve into the individual worlds.

[05:08] <AvatarRokusGhost> Hmm

[05:08] <AvatarRokusGhost> I also think that should be up to the author

[05:08] <wordbender> Okay. That brings me to my next question.

[05:08] <wordbender> Also, we're going to need some purpose/drive for each world, aka chapter.

[05:08] <wordbender> ?

[05:09] <wordbender> (*facepalm* That didn't come out right.)

[05:09] <Mageddon725> I'm confused...

[05:09] <wordbender> Sorry. Let me try again. ;)

[05:10] <Mageddon725> While we all have to get to know all of the main characters, our worlds should be written by us. It's easier that way.

[05:10] <wordbender> Each chapter is going to need some kind of goal.

[05:10] <Mageddon725> Besides destroying the vortexes?

[05:10] <wordbender> (I agree, Mageddon.)

[05:11] <wordbender> I think so.

[05:11] <wordbender> Because, really, isn't that going to get old?

[05:12] <wordbender> It doesn't have to be a quest or anything. Maybe 'in 4, so-and-so gets captured and learns more about Olaiya.'

[05:12] <Mageddon725> Not really...with all of the potential characters and worlds to interact with and to be affected by Olaiya's machinations and minions...there are many possibilities

[05:12] <AvatarRokusGhost> We could have some developments along the way

[05:12] <Mageddon725> might work...

[05:13] <wordbender> Right. Developments. Subplots. That's what I'm talking about. ;)

[05:13] <AvatarRokusGhost> But I don't think there's enough to have something significant revealed in every world

[05:13] <wordbender> No, not every world.

[04:15] <wordbender> Just *something*.

[04:15] <Mageddon725> But just enough to keep things interesting and not too repetitive

[04:15] <wordbender> Exactly.

[04:16] <Mageddon725> But who? And what would happen then? (in regards to being captured) Argh!!!! Why is no one else here to discuss this!!!???

[04:16] <wordbender> I actually really like the captured idea. Do we want readers to ever sympathize with Olaiya?

[04:16] <wordbender> Hehe, Ursa could totally get captured so she could try to conver the bad guy. ^_^

[04:17] <wordbender> *convert

[04:17] <Mageddon725> But obviously the conversion wouldn't happen...then what?

[04:17] <wordbender> She gets rescued?

[04:17] <wordbender> He throws her into a pit of cat-vipers?

[04:17] <AvatarRokusGhost> Maybe after that...she sees Olaiya as more human than before

[04:18] <wordbender> Exactly. ;)

[04:18] <Mageddon725> And what is the extent of what Olaiya can do?

[04:18] <AvatarRokusGhost> He's an energybender, with minions, who made vortexes

[04:18] <AvatarRokusGhost> That's what Suzon's said so far

________________________________________ [04:18] <wordbender> Make a list designated 'Questions for Suzon' and we can bombard him. ;)

[04:19] <Mageddon725> Exactly.

[04:20] <wordbender> Okay, so let's throw out some more possible ideas.

[04:20] <Mageddon725> The captured thing how does the group rescue the captive (Ursa, maybe? Probably? Who knows?) Because we know Olaiya is powerful...

[04:21] <wordbender> True. But we do (probably) have an Avatar and some kick-butt warriors.

[04:22] <Mageddon725> Agreed, but Suzon did say something about him being able to hold his own against most (or all) of them

[04:22] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yes we do

[04:22] <AvatarRokusGhost> Maybe - a couple of the characters do a distraction

[04:22] <wordbender> That's true. But an unbeatable or perfect bad guy is just no fun. :P

[04:22] <AvatarRokusGhost> And the rest rescue Ursa

[04:23] <Mageddon725> That works :)

[04:23] <wordbender> Or it could happen at the end. *shrugs*

[04:23] <Mageddon725> And I agree about unbeatable villains, it's just what Suzon had mentioned...

[04:23] <wordbender> But I do like the idea of Ursa seeing the two sides of Olaiya. ;)

[04:24] * AvatarRokusGhost nods

[04:24] <Mageddon725> She's one of the few characters, personality-wise, who would too.

[04:24] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yeah, definitely

[04:24] <Mageddon725> Yun Zhen would probably just go on about how he's the enemy...

[04:24] <wordbender> I thought the same. I was actually expecting her to be the youngest in the group by several years. >.>

[04:25] <AvatarRokusGhost> Kaddo would do the same

[04:25] <AvatarRokusGhost> You made her 15, right?

[04:25] <wordbender> Indeed.

[04:25] <Mageddon725> Well, you aged her to 15, Kaddo's 13, Yun's 16, Sera's 16...

[04:26] <wordbender> Yeah, haha. For some reason, I expected most of the characters to be adults.

[04:26] <Mageddon725> I think Hong Wu is the oldest...

[04:27] <wordbender> I'm intrigued to know if he will be an ally or a deterent...

[04:27] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yeah, he's in his 30s

[04:27] <AvatarRokusGhost> Same here

[04:27] <AvatarRokusGhost> I'm wondering about a lot of the other characters we haven't had a chance to talk as much about

[04:27] <Mageddon725> An erstwhile ally at best, I'd imagine

[04:28] <Mageddon725> Like Shirou?

[04:28] <wordbender> Erstwhile. A word after my own heart. *huggles*

[04:28] <Mageddon725> BM hasn't given us anything about him yet...

[04:28] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yeah

[04:28] <wordbender> Who? Oh...right.

[04:28] <Mageddon725> And yes, I love vocab words :)

[04:28] <AvatarRokusGhost> Shirou hates the Avatar - I wonder if he'll try to kill Elquiorra

[04:29] <Mageddon725> It would make sense, but it would be terribly inconvenient for the rest of our characters.

[04:30] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yeah, there was a lot on the plate before that

[04:32] == wordbender[4ba5fa6b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]

[04:33] == wordbender4real[4ba5fa6b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined#vortexmeeting

[04:34] <Mageddon725> Well...that was confusing

[04:34] <wordbender4real> Sorry!

[04:34] <wordbender4real> My messages wouldn't show up. :P

[04:34] <wordbender4real> I had a thought...what were we talking about?

[04:34] <wordbender4real> Oh! Shirou!

[04:34] <AvatarRokusGhost> It happened to me before

[04:34] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yeah

[04:35] <wordbender4real> Do you think he will betray the gang and team up with the like-minded Olaiya?

[04:35] <Mageddon725> That would be interesting...and it would fit, sad to say...

[04:36] <wordbender4real> *evil grin* I shall add that to the Idea page. ...once I make an Idea page...

[04:36] <Mageddon725> Shirou's single-minded obsession caused him to immediately attack his best friend when he found out she was the Avatar, despite their past. He REALLY hates the Avatar...

[04:37] <wordbender4real> Ouch. >.<

[04:37] <wordbender4real> You still there, ARG?

[04:37] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yep

[04:37] <wordbender4real> Just checking. ;)

[04:38] <AvatarRokusGhost> That could definitely work

[04:38] <AvatarRokusGhost> He could also come around later after he sees that Olaiya is evil

[04:38] <wordbender4real> Hmm, what other evil things could we do plotwise?

[04:39] <wordbender4real> Would that work with Shirou's character?

[04:40] <wordbender4real> *wordbender doesn't know*

[04:40] <AvatarRokusGhost> Well they clearly encounter Olaiya time and again

[04:40] * AvatarRokusGhost shrugs

[04:40] <AvatarRokusGhost> BM is the #1 expert on Shirou

[04:40] <AvatarRokusGhost> And he also isn't here atm

[04:40] <wordbender4real> Right.

[04:40] <Mageddon725> Of course....

[04:41] <wordbender4real> So...any thoughts on what we could do with *our* characters?

[04:42] <Mageddon725> I'm not sure yet...

[04:43] <AvatarRokusGhost> Kaddo would say a lot of smartassy remarks along the way

[04:43] <wordbender4real> I would be dissapointed if he didn't!

[04:43] <AvatarRokusGhost> I think he would be one of the ones to accept their path early on

[04:44] <AvatarRokusGhost> Son of Aang and Katara, a young full-steam-ahead let's beat the bad guys mentality

[04:44] <Mageddon725> Yun, I think, would accept the path, but Seraphine, Shirou, Hong Wu, and Elquiorra might be stumbling blocks for him at first

[04:45] <wordbender4real> Ursa would wisely accept the path, and assume role of morale booster and pep-talker along the way. ;)

[04:46] <Mageddon725> Each of those characters would have to earn Yun's trust

[04:47] <AvatarRokusGhost> Kaddo's going to need a serious wake-up call to see how powerful Olaiya is

[04:47] <AvatarRokusGhost> Mage: Any ideas for each of them?

[04:49] <Mageddon725> Well, Elquiorra would probably earn it after contacting Aang, Hong Wu (I don't think) he would never fully trust, Shirou would depend, and Sera would have to prove herself

[04:49] <AvatarRokusGhost> Also, what are some of Ursa's "buttons"?

[04:49] <AvatarRokusGhost> Would she "lose her cool" at some point?

[04:49] <Mageddon725> I'm really not sure about Shirou though...

[04:50] <wordbender4real> Hmm...

[04:50] <AvatarRokusGhost> Would Sera proving herself in battle be enough?

[04:50] <AvatarRokusGhost> Or something more character-rlated?

[04:50] <wordbender4real> Ursa hates bullies. And she hates feeling helpless. She understands there is evil in the world, but she doesn't *understand* it.

[04:50] <Mageddon725> I think more character-related, b/c Yun isn't so concerned about skill as he is intent.

[04:51] <wordbender4real> On Sera: Definitely character-related. In battle is already a given. ;)

[04:53] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yeah

[04:54] <AvatarRokusGhost> Hong Wu was supposed to team up with Olaiya before

[04:55] <Mageddon725> Which would cement Yun's hatred of him

[04:56] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yeah

[04:56] <wordbender4real> Hmmm. I think it's cool some of the OtherCharacters will be bad guys.

[04:56] <AvatarRokusGhost> There's always the option of someone saving someone else

[04:56] <wordbender4real> *thinking about Ursa* She'll have a time with characters who are more immoral. She could definitely lose her cool over that.

[04:57] <wordbender4real> *hard time

[04:57] <AvatarRokusGhost> But that can't happen for everything or else it would become awful repetitive

[04:57] <wordbender4real> Right. Only when it hits a certain point, probably.

[04:57] <wordbender4real> Once her opinion's out there, she'll probably back off.

[04:58] <wordbender4real> She won't be happy about it, but she'll back off.

[04:58] <AvatarRokusGhost> She could have some interesting conversation with some of the characters then :)

[04:58] <wordbender4real> Yeah. She's a Miss Goody Two-Shoes, which will be a nice contrast to most of them.

[04:59] * AvatarRokusGhost nods

[04:59] <AvatarRokusGhost> That could be a way to get to know a lot of the characters in early chapters

[05:00] <wordbender4real> Internal controversy?

[05:00] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yes indeed

[05:02] <wordbender4real> What if everybody kind of brainstorms on what they want from their character, which would form their chapters and, on the whole, piece the story together?

[05:02] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yeah thats a good idea

[05:02] <AvatarRokusGhost> Also does anyone have a preference for which place in the order they want to go yet?

[05:03] <Mageddon725> I don't really care. I'll go whenever.

[05:04] <wordbender4real> Depends. If I get to do the Ursa-captured-and-sees-the-heartbroken-kid-in-Olaiya thing, the placing would be story senstive.

[05:04] <AvatarRokusGhost> I'd like to go early on, but not first

[05:04] <AvatarRokusGhost> That's true

[05:04] <AvatarRokusGhost> That should be mid-late in the story probly

[05:05] <wordbender4real> Okay. Do we have a set number of chapters in mine? (I agree, ARG.)

[05:05] <wordbender4real> *mind

[05:06] <AvatarRokusGhost> We have the prologue, 1, 2, then however many each person writes

[05:06] <wordbender4real> If we don't mind having people do more than one chapter, I'd gladly write the first if nobody wanted to, in addition to the later Ursa-oriented one.

[05:08] <Mageddon725> I think we're each getting two.

[05:08] <wordbender4real> For Chapter 1, we've decided to start with the initial character scenes written by each author, correct?

[05:08] <AvatarRokusGhost> Right

[05:08] <wordbender4real> Good to know. ;) After that, we think we'll have them meet up?

[05:09] <AvatarRokusGhost> I think so

[05:09] <wordbender4real> All for the first chapter?

[05:10] <AvatarRokusGhost> Either the first or the second

[05:11] <AvatarRokusGhost> Cause they need to contact TBBnTB-Aang before they go through the vortexes together

[05:11] <wordbender4real> Okay. *stores info*

[05:11] <Mageddon725> The second is when they meet up and have the scene that was kinda like what happened at the Character Convention

[05:11] <AvatarRokusGhost> Oh ok

[05:12] <wordbender4real> Would the first chapter idea work better as an extended prologe?

[05:12] <Mageddon725> It might.

[05:12] <AvatarRokusGhost> Maybe it would

[05:12] <wordbender4real> I was just noticing that it would make a rather short first chapter. :P

[05:14] <AvatarRokusGhost> Haha true

[05:14] <Mageddon725> Not if it is combined with Olaiya's monologue and other things.

[05:14] <AvatarRokusGhost> How long will most of the chapters be?

[05:15] <wordbender4real> Another questsion I was going to ask. ;)

[05:15] <Mageddon725> That would probably also be up to the author...

[04:15] <wordbender4real> Should we set a minimum or maximum?

[04:16] <AvatarRokusGhost> I would go with a range or guideline of some sort

[04:16] <Mageddon725> Nah...I say let the chips fall where they may

[04:16] <wordbender4real> Just a warning: I write looooong chapters. ;)

[04:17] <Mageddon725> So does ARG :) Mine are medium length

[04:17] <wordbender4real> Okay. I think the only crime would be a short chapter!

[04:18] <wordbender4real> Something else to consider: Will we follow Olaiya as much as the gang?

[04:19] <Mageddon725> What do you mean?

[04:20] <wordbender4real> I've noticed that you and I both tend to write scenes with the bad guys, following them throughout the story. Would we do the same with Olaiya, or leave him a mystery?

[04:21] <wordbender4real> Does that make sense?

[04:21] <Mageddon725> I think we should leave him a mystery as much as possible, given the paradox and all.

[04:23] <wordbender4real> Okay. So, if Ursa does get captured, that could be our first real look at the villain?

[04:23] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yeah

[04:23] <AvatarRokusGhost> The good guys should also have a lot more screen time, since it's needed to get to know all the characters in the group

[04:24] <wordbender4real> Sounds good.

[04:26] <Mageddon725> Agreed. Other than that...what can we do w/o the others?

[04:27] <wordbender4real> I like plotting their characters' stories without them, hehe. XD

[04:27] <wordbender4real> I do have a serious question: Should I add a plot ideas category to the 'Outline' page, or create a new page for it?

[04:27] <AvatarRokusGhost> I'd say same page

[04:28] <AvatarRokusGhost> It'll be more organized

[04:28] <Mageddon725> Yeah, it's better that way.

[04:28] <wordbender4real> Okay. Will do. *salutes*

[04:28] <AvatarRokusGhost> It could be formatted like another chapter "unused/unplaced ideas"

[04:28] <Mageddon725> What's with the saluting? This ain't the military! ;)

[04:28] <wordbender4real> Yes, sir! Sorry, sir!

[04:30] <Mageddon725> Wow..."Sir?" You make me sound old!

[04:30] <wordbender4real> Um...sorry, sir?

[04:30] <AvatarRokusGhost> lol

[04:30] <wordbender4real> I think we generated some really good ideas, though.

[04:30] <Mageddon725> *headdesks repeatedly*

[04:30] <wordbender4real> lol

[04:30] <wordbender4real> ....sir

[04:30] <Mageddon725> Uh-oh...

[04:31] <Mageddon725> I think I just cracked my desk!

[04:31] <wordbender4real> Shall I get you some superglue, sir?

[04:32] <Mageddon725> *sighs resignedly* No...I'll get it...

[04:32] <wordbender4real> *serious faec* We should also begin thinking on what the climax of the story will be.

[04:33] <Mageddon725> Yeah, we need something to give it an edge, a danger element...

[04:33] <wordbender4real> The fabric of the worlds begins to tear and whole worlds and characters from those worlds begin to vanish.

[04:34] <wordbender4real> it begins slowly, introducing only chaos and messed up things, but towards the end whole fanons will *poof*

[04:34] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yeah, that sounds good

[04:34] <AvatarRokusGhost> So some characters will disappear as the final confrontation approaches

[04:34] <wordbender4real> We should lose a core character or two, maybe.

[04:35] <wordbender4real> GMTA. ;)

[04:35] <Mageddon725> I volunteer Yun.

[04:36] <wordbender4real> Would he likely help glue the group together?

[04:36] <Mageddon725> *shrugs* That remains to be seen.

[04:37] <wordbender4real> Hehe. Okay. *jots it down* At least we have a volunteer. ;)

[04:37] <AvatarRokusGhost> If he does, and he's gone at the end, that puts the pressure on the rest of them

[04:37] <wordbender4real> Right. I was thinking we should take away the character that adds the most to the group.

[04:38] <wordbender4real> Or, at least adds a lot. ;)

[04:38] <wordbender4real> I see Yun as being a great motivator. Am I wrong?

[04:39] <wordbender4real> Put another way, Yun is a captain, the rest of them are either not adventurers or they're loners.

[04:39] <AvatarRokusGhost> That's true

[04:40] <Mageddon725> Yep.

[04:40] <wordbender4real> I could see him becoming the unintended spearhead within the group.

[04:41] <wordbender4real> Which in itself could bring about group controversies among the loners.

[04:41] <wordbender4real> I love brainstorming sessions. ^_^

[04:41] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yeah

[04:41] <Mageddon725> I've been thinking...can the vortexes bend time as well? If so, my chapter could put them in the middle of one of the battles that took place in AaBE.

[04:41] <AvatarRokusGhost> Sera only followed along initially because she was saved/healed

[04:41] <AvatarRokusGhost> I would say that's on the table

[04:42] <wordbender4real> Oooh...timebending? I think the option of it would be awesome. ;)

[04:42] <AvatarRokusGhost> They're already going to different universes, so time can be a factor too

[04:42] <Mageddon725> It could change things up, too.

[04:42] <wordbender4real> Hehe, I want to drop them back into mine at exactly the moment Ursa leaves. XD

[04:44] <Mageddon725> Okay, I think we've gotten about as much done as we can with only three people. Unless someone has something to add?

[04:45] <wordbender4real> Hmm...No, I think we did some good brainstorming for today. ;)

[04:45] <AvatarRokusGhost> I'm going to message everyone the day before the next meeting

[04:45] <AvatarRokusGhost> And if they call me a spammer for it - they should show up next time XD

[04:45] <wordbender4real> *cheers*

[04:46] <wordbender4real> Message them on *both* wikis. ;)

[04:46] <Mageddon725> Indeed...that way we can get something DONE!!! (Not that I don't like you guys or anything ;) )

[04:46] <wordbender4real> Aw, you're such a charmer. ;)

[04:46] <wordbender4real> Actually, I think we did a lot.

[04:46] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yeah

[04:47] <AvatarRokusGhost> We did, for the circumstances

[04:47] <Mageddon725> That we did. I'm gonna start writing some preliminary ideas for my first chapter.

[04:47] <AvatarRokusGhost> When should we meet next?

[04:47] <wordbender4real> Aye! And add them to the Ideas section that I'll make in just a moment when you're finished. ;)

[04:47] <wordbender4real> What about same time next week?

[04:47] <Mageddon725> Agreed.

[04:48] <Mageddon725> In addition to four reviews, an IAE chapter, and a whole bunch of other stuff...

[04:48] <wordbender4real> IAE...Have you started posting that yet?

[04:48] <AvatarRokusGhost> Alright

[04:48] <Mageddon725> Yep.

[04:49] <AvatarRokusGhost> I have a two-part ES chap, the awards page, and catching up on all the fanons I'm reading

[04:49] <wordbender4real> *gasp* That's it. I'm reading fanon tonight!

[04:49] <wordbender4real> I'm so behind, I'm ashamed.

[04:49] <AvatarRokusGhost> ^^I like the main character already!

________________________________________ [04:49] <wordbender4real> I need to work on Air too. And Rodney. And two story contests...

[04:50] <Mageddon725> Speaking of fanon, when's the next Air chapter coming?

[04:50] <wordbender4real> Tomorrow. Every Tuesday! :)

[04:50] <Mageddon725> ARG: I imagine you would.

[04:50] <Mageddon725> WB: Sweetness.

[04:50] <wordbender4real> :)

[04:50] <wordbender4real> I'll get that Ideas section up today.

[04:50] <Mageddon725> Cool. I'll check the Vortex Wiki later then.

________________________________________ [04:51] <AvatarRokusGhost> Same here

[04:51] <AvatarRokusGhost> So...meeting adjourned?

[04:51] <wordbender4real> Are you going to log the meeting via blog again, ARG?

[04:51] <AvatarRokusGhost> Yes

[04:51] <Mageddon725> I have to walk mi perro, so I'll talk to you guys later. :)

[04:51] <AvatarRokusGhost> See ya

[04:51] <Mageddon725> Meeting adjourned.

[04:51] <wordbender4real> Later, Mage!

[04:51] <wordbender4real> Good, ARG.