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[05:03:33] Mageddon725 I'm here, now we wait for Suzon...

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[05:04:06] wordbender_ Haha, I get it now. ^_^

[05:04:24] AvatarRokusGhost lol

[05:04:59] wordbender_ Just us so far?

[05:05:32] AvatarRokusGhost Looks like it

[05:05:44] AvatarRokusGhost I sent the link to Omar and Lostris too...

[05:06:25] wordbender_ Hmm...Perhaps we should poke them.

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[05:06:41] Mageddon725 Sup Omar!

[05:06:43] AvatarRokusGhost Hey Omar

[05:06:53] wordbender_ Hey, Omar!

[05:07:25] Omar067 Hello.

[05:08:06] Mageddon725 So how's this gonna work today, anyway?

[05:08:22] wordbender_ I have no idea. *happily follows crowd*

[05:08:39] Omar067 I don't know.

[05:08:55] AvatarRokusGhost Hmmm...maybe we could RP it

[05:09:00] AvatarRokusGhost Or should that come later?

[05:09:07] wordbender_ RP what?

[05:09:19] Omar067 Role play

[05:09:25] Omar067 Characters.

[05:09:35] Mageddon725 Our characters, btw, who r u contributing wordbender?

[05:09:35] wordbender_ Ah. We could do that, or discuss plot.

[05:09:57] wordbender_ I am contributing Ursa! I got her profile up today, sorry it took so long.

[05:10:28] Omar067 I'm still working on my character profile.

[05:10:28] Mageddon725 Ah, I see.

[05:11:03] AvatarRokusGhost There seems to be some disagreement on the first chapter

[05:11:14] AvatarRokusGhost And how to work with different writing styles

[05:11:20] wordbender_ Confusion, at least.

[05:12:31] AvatarRokusGhost Indeed

[05:13:02] wordbender_ So we should try to decide *how* we'll write it, then.

[05:13:34] Omar067 I guess.

[05:13:45] Omar067 Yeah.

[05:13:56] Mageddon725 I'm currently working on Yun's chapter/portion of chapter one/wherever it fits best

[05:14:41] wordbender_ As far as writing style, should we just use our own or try to conform to one style.

[04:15:24] Omar067 I think we should use our own style.

[04:15:35] wordbender_ I would have to agree.

[04:16:08] AvatarRokusGhost Yeah, I think so

[04:16:28] AvatarRokusGhost Personally, I think its fine if the chapters have different writing styles individually

[04:16:52] wordbender_ Yeah, I think so too.

[04:17:05] wordbender_ I think it will also give it more character, make it unique.

[04:18:10] wordbender_ With that decided, we should discuss chapter one.

[04:18:42] wordbender_ Yes?

[04:19:16] Omar067 Yeah, but what about the prologue?

[04:19:17] AvatarRokusGhost Yes

[04:19:19] Mageddon725 Since the prologue will apparently introduce Olaiya, I think we should immediately move into a different universe and begin gathering the characters.

[04:19:30] AvatarRokusGhost Suzon is doing the prologue

[04:19:33] Omar067 Alright.

[04:20:14] AvatarRokusGhost So, do we do a scene with them meeting after going through the vortexes?

[04:20:26] wordbender_ I was just going to ask that.

[04:20:27] AvatarRokusGhost Or each write a portion where they enter into the vortex?

[04:20:39] AvatarRokusGhost Like from their own universe

[04:20:55] Mageddon725 I think the vortexes should split the group up, so they don't all meet at once

[04:21:24] wordbender_ I think it would be fun to write a scene in the universe where each character is from, when they first find the vortex.

[04:21:44] AvatarRokusGhost Well, they're split up to begin with and then they come together

[04:21:49] AvatarRokusGhost Isnt that how it goes?

[04:22:06] wordbender_ That's why I'm confused; I don't know what's supposed to happen.

[04:22:25] Omar067 That's why we need the prologue.

[04:22:32] AvatarRokusGhost I think that's what happens

[04:22:34] wordbender_ I was at first under the impression that we would introduce one universe, then the next, until we'd gathered the whole team.

[04:23:03] Mageddon725 But what I'm saying is the vortexes don't send them all to the same exact spot, so two or three would appear in one place, while others appeared in a different spot, just a thought

[04:23:04] AvatarRokusGhost The paradox creates the energy rift, which spreads to all the universes and creates vortexes

[04:23:13] AvatarRokusGhost I don't think that's how it works...

[04:23:24] AvatarRokusGhost Whoever's last would only be in two chapters

[04:23:42] wordbender_ That's right. I like Mage's idea.

[04:24:48] Mageddon725 Well, ARG, I talked to Suzon about making it more than ten chapters, so even if we did it that way (which I still don't agree with) it wouldn't end up like that

[04:25:05] AvatarRokusGhost I see

[04:25:15] wordbender_ I agree, it would prove problematic. I was just confused. &_&

[04:25:16] AvatarRokusGhost So they go into the vortexes and meet in different spots

[04:25:49] wordbender_ We could team up small groups before they all meet. I like that alot.

[04:26:09] AvatarRokusGhost That could work

[04:26:25] Omar067 Yeah. [04:26:30] Mageddon725 Yeah, that's what I meant...I just said it in a more complicate and hard to understand fashion...

[04:26:40] wordbender_ Haha, I still got it.

[04:26:59] AvatarRokusGhost lol

[04:27:15] wordbender_ Who should we team up together, and where?

[04:27:43] AvatarRokusGhost Maybe we should do the character convntion before we decide that

[04:28:01] Mageddon725 I agree

[04:28:08] wordbender_ Okay. I think it will be beneficial to plot out the story before we start writing, though.

[04:28:53] Mageddon725 We kinda have...sorta...

[04:29:41] wordbender_ Sort of. We have the basic idea and the Paradox for now. The convention will definitely help deside what kind of character developments to have, too.

[04:30:10] Mageddon725 Def, but everyone will have to be here...

[04:30:38] wordbender_ We can still do the convention now. Just to start getting a grip on the characters.

[04:30:58] AvatarRokusGhost I agree

[04:31:11] Mageddon725 to begin....

[04:31:42] wordbender_ It's really pretty simple. We just role play.

[04:32:11] Omar067 This is my first time ever doing this.

[04:32:15] AvatarRokusGhost So, we should do that now?

[04:32:18] Mageddon725 Mine too

[04:32:30] wordbender_ I think so. What else would we do?

[04:32:45] AvatarRokusGhost Good point

[04:33:00] AvatarRokusGhost I don't have much experience RP-ing on here, but what the heck

[04:33:41] wordbender_ Eh...I feel really awkward starting this, haha.

[04:33:52] =-= YOU are now known as Kaddo

[04:34:00] wordbender_ Let's introduce...a carnival.

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[04:34:24] wordbender_ Clever. How do you change your nickname?

[04:34:30] =-= Omar067 is now known as Elquiorra

[04:34:34] Lostris Sorry I'm late, got distracted by other things.

[04:34:35] Kaddo type /nick what you change it too

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[04:34:50] Ursa I likee.

[04:35:24] Kaddo Who's this "Lostris" person?

[04:35:33] Kaddo We're waiting on Seraphine

[04:35:37] Yun I have no clue...

[04:35:42] Ursa It's a very strange name. She must be quite exotic!

[04:36:02] Elquiorra ....

[04:36:37] Yun What's up? Don't you talk?

[04:36:45] Lostris Hehe, I can't really change now.

[04:37:09] Kaddo Ah well

[04:37:10] Lostris I'm discussing HotN, and if I would change to Sera... well, that would make that very uncomfortable

[04:37:37] Ursa That should be fine.

[04:38:29] Elquiorra No. Not unless something grabs my attention.

[04:39:01] Yun Well, aren't you fun?

[04:39:08] Kaddo bends some water out of his pouch

[04:39:09] Ursa

  • a saber-toothed moose lion cub grabs Elquiorra's attention and runs away with it*

[04:39:22] Kaddo sends a water whip at Elquiorra

[04:39:45] Kaddo Say something, it's too weird when you're quiet!

[04:39:53] Ursa Eek! *ducks water* *giggles*

[04:39:58] Elquiorra Something.

[04:39:59] Yun Wow...two minutes of meeting each other and this Kaddo is already throwing water whips at people...

[04:40:19] Elquiorra Very mature.

[04:40:31] Ursa

  • giggles* At least he can have fun!

[04:40:37] Kaddo Of course

[04:40:53] Yun Oh, so I'm I stick in the mud, then?

[04:40:54] Kaddo A powerful waterbender like me lives and breathes through waterbending

[04:41:01] Kaddo flexes muscles

[04:41:01] Yun

  • a

[04:41:08] Ursa I didn't say that, Yun!

[04:41:26] Lostris lazily sits back and picks her teeth with one of her say.

[04:41:28] Ursa I'm sure you know how to have fun.

[04:41:34] Lostris rolls eyes at Kaddo.

[04:41:37] Lostris Amature.

[04:41:58] Lostris is so going to pick a fight with Kaddo

[04:41:59] Kaddo No wonder Sera hasn't showed up yet

[04:42:26] Kaddo Once she saw me, she became too timid to show her face

[04:42:26] Yun I do...I think...uh...I think my only definition of fun is travel...and...

[04:42:41] Yun Man, I think I am a stick in the mud...

[04:42:48] Kaddo Can;'t blame her...meeting me for the first time might make anyone shy

[04:42:55] Ursa There are plenty of ways to have fun! *does a handstand*

[04:42:58] Ursa See?

[04:43:09] Kaddo bends water from the mud, turning it to dirt

[04:43:16] Kaddo There, you're out of the mud now

[04:43:27] Lostris Kaddo, how old are you?

[04:43:29] Ursa

  • grins*

[04:43:50] Elquiorra sighs. At stupidity.

[04:43:52] Kaddo I'm 12, going on 13

[04:44:00] Yun Alright then...*sticks his hands in the dirt and brings out earth gauntlets* how do you guys like this?

[04:44:01] Ursa Come on, Yun, you try. *moves Yun's arms* Lift them up like this, then go forward. *shoves Yun forward*

[04:44:02] Kaddo I'm a maaaan

[04:44:38] Yun Aah! *rolls forward and rights himself* No one saw anything...

[04:45:34] Elquiorra ....

[04:45:55] Lostris shoves Kaddo in the dirt and whispers "come back when you have a beard."

[04:46:11] Ursa

  • sits beside Elquiorra* What do you like to do?

[04:46:20] Yun I take it back, Elquiorra is the stick in the mud.

[04:46:40] Kaddo is shoved in the dirt

[04:46:51] Elquiorra Sit and think.

[04:47:05] Kaddo gets up and washes with waterbending

[04:47:13] Kaddo bends water off again

[04:47:16] Lostris Question though (serious one): what's the point here? Are we looking for story or what? ^^"

[04:47:28] Yun Character personalities

[04:47:33] Ursa Yup.

[04:47:45] Kaddo (OOC) Testing out to see how the characters mesh with each other

[04:47:51] Kaddo (OOC) get a feel for things

[04:47:57] Lostris Okido

[04:48:04] Lostris Well, Sera doesn't mess around ^^".

[04:48:15] Elquiorra Yeah.

[04:48:16] Lostris She is borderline on killing random people just for fun.

[04:48:23] Elquiorra My character is dull.

[04:49:05] Ursa (OOC) Then it should be revealed in the convention. You could drag a random person in to attempt killing. Anything your character would do, they should do.

[04:49:50] Lostris Sera's idea of messing would be to shoot fireballs at you all ^^"

[04:50:13] Yun

  • Yun glances down at earth gauntlets* Unfortunately, I can't demonstrate anything without hurting someone...

[04:50:15] Ursa Lol, then Ursa would make a show out of them.

[04:50:51] Kaddo I can heal...but I don't like to

[04:51:07] Ursa Can't you demonstrate on a practice dummy, Yun?

[04:51:10] Lostris Yun, Sera's up for sparring -that's all she knows.

[04:51:11] Ursa I'd like to see some.

[04:51:23] Lostris Arrogance, sarcasm, fighting, and death.

[04:51:32] Yun Uh...okay? Creepy...

[04:51:49] Lostris She's been raised in the army

[04:52:06] Ursa Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be creepy! I just like to watch earthbending!

[04:52:08] Lostris She had friends, but they were all killed eventually

[04:52:15] Lostris That makes a girl toughen up.

[04:52:35] Yun No, no, Ursa! I was talking about Seraphine! Not you!

[04:52:44] Ursa Oh. *blushes* Sorry.

[04:53:05] Kaddo Haha

[04:53:11] Lostris

[04:53:11] Yun

  • Glances away* My bad for not clarifying...

[04:53:34] Kaddo (OOC)L: Yes, that would explain a lot for her

[04:53:55] Lostris Well, that could be a bonding moment with one of the characters

[04:54:11] Lostris her telling that to someone as a reason for who she acts like she does.

[04:54:28] Kaddo (OOC) Yeah thats good

[04:54:30] Ursa (OOC) Ooh, I like that idea! Character development.

[04:54:43] Yun (OOC) Agreed

[04:54:45] Elquiorra nods

[04:55:31] Lostris Though the character needs to be prepared to be shoved afterwards and severely threatened to never tell a living soul under the punishment of her ripping their tongue out or something ^^".

[04:55:54] Kaddo Hmmm

[04:55:59] Lostris Cause according to her upbringing, opening up is a weakness as it let's other people in

[04:56:00] Kaddo Nose goes!

[04:56:06] Kaddo puts finger on nose

[04:56:10] Lostris And letting people in is giving them a weapon.

[04:56:25] Kaddo nods

[04:56:35] Kaddo (OOC) Makes sense...from her POV

[04:56:39] Ursa (OOC) Understood. Ursa: That's horrible!

[04:56:40] Yun Well then I'm gonna get my tongue ripped out....

[04:56:54] Yun That does not sound fun...

[04:57:26] Ursa 'Answers rarely come from violence.'

[04:58:01] Yun That sounds like Iroh!

[04:58:14] Ursa He's my Uncle! Do you know him?

[04:58:40] Kaddo Sounds like something my dad would say

[04:58:48] Yun I met him at his tea shop; he gave both good tea and good advice!

[04:58:50] Lostris clutches her head. "Why am I always surrounded by this friendly idiots?" *goes to sit on a rock alone*

[04:58:54] Kaddo I'm so glad I ended up a waterbender...and not an airbender

[04:59:07] Ursa

  • laughs* Uncle is very good at that, Yun.

[04:59:11] Ursa Who is your father, Kaddo?

[04:59:19] Lostris rolls eyes while acting to be Kaddo with her hand.

[04:59:26] Yun Yeah, I guess he is.

[04:59:34] Kaddo Aang, the Avatar and savior of the world

[04:59:41] Kaddo You may have heard of him

[04:59:54] Ursa That's impossible! I know Aang. He doesn't have a son named Kaddo.

[05:00:21] Kaddo Yes he does, that's me

[05:00:21] Yun I was with your dad when we fought Yuan Chong! Small world!

[05:00:22] Lostris Illegitimate child!

[05:00:43] Ursa But...I don't understand.

[05:00:45] Kaddo Yun, really?

[05:00:52] Lostris You're totally a bastard, Kaddo! *laughs and nearly falls off her rock laughing*

[05:01:01] Kaddo I havent heard of Yuan Chong, but I believe it, he fights a lot of people

[05:01:08] Kaddo I'm not a bastard!

[05:01:16] Yun Yeah, Kuei's dad tried to destroy the Fire Nation!

[05:01:41] Yun

  • Leans toward Ursa* What's her problem?

[05:01:41] Kaddo I was born to Aang and his wife Katara 8 yars after the Hundred Years War ended

[05:01:47] Kaddo Really

[05:01:59] Kaddo Wow the Fire Nation really is in trouble

[05:01:59] Ursa

  • shrugs* I don't know. Perhaps we should ask...?

[05:02:19] Kaddo They were trying to destroy themselves with their civil war and now this Yuan CHong guy is after them

[05:02:34] Elquiorra

  • leans up against a tree and watched random behaviors.

[05:02:47] Yun Was...we beat him.

[05:03:15] Kaddo Oh, nice

[05:03:21] Kaddo Did you do a lot of fighting

[05:03:22] Ursa I still don't understand. I'm the Princess of the Fire Nation, and I've never heard of Yuan Chong, either.

[05:03:34] Kaddo Ursa, ask what?

[05:03:47] Yun You haven't? Your dad killed him!

[05:03:56] Kaddo Oh, are you Neinei's sister?

[05:04:02] Ursa Hmm? Oh. Ask Sera. What's wrong with her. Yun wanted to know, and I didn't.

[05:04:28] Ursa No! I've never heard of Neinei. I only have a brother, named Iroh.

[05:04:32] Lostris erects herself and glares at Ursa, then at Yun.

[05:04:33] Ursa But I call him Roh-Roh.

[05:04:35] Lostris What?

[05:04:42] Lostris Got something to say?

[05:04:53] Lostris casually starts to play with a fire in her hand.

[05:05:02] Yun

  • Yun steps back* She scares me...

[05:05:07] Ursa Um...*glances nervously at Yun* I was just wondering...what's your favorite color?

[05:05:28] Kaddo whispers to Yun "think there's gonna be a fight?"

[05:06:10] Lostris cocks her head.

[05:06:16] Yun

  • Shakes head* Nope, not if I can help it...I don't fight women unless they're gonna kill me.

[05:06:22] Lostris Red. . . *blood*red

[05:06:25] Kaddo waits to see Sera's reaction to the normal non-offensive question

[05:06:33] Yun You're...not...are you, Sera?

[05:06:38] Ursa Oh! I love red! But I like blue, too.

[05:07:00] Kaddo I like blue!

[05:07:09] Lostris OOC: Is there a character with blue eyes?

[05:07:10] Ursa Actually, I like a lot of colors. *giggles*

[05:07:16] Kaddo Elqiourra, what's your favorite color?

[05:07:32] Ursa OOC: Ursa doesn't have blue eyes. Anyone?

[05:07:43] Yun (OOC) Nope

[05:07:45] Elquiorra No.

[05:07:50] Yun To...uh...get back to your question, Ursa...I'd say green.

[05:08:17] Ursa Also a wonderful color.

[05:08:31] Lostris OOC: too bad, it turned out to be in HotN that characters with blue eyes have proven to be some sort of a weakness for Sera

[05:08:33] Kaddo (OOC) do you mean your character or Zuko's mom?

[05:08:46] Kaddo lol

[05:08:54] Ursa (OOC) My character.

[05:09:16] Kaddo Oh

[05:09:33] Kaddo Umm...shouldn't you know that?

[05:10:19] Ursa (OOC) Me? Know what?

[05:10:33] Kaddo (OOC) Your character's eye color

[05:10:54] Ursa (OOC) Yes. I believe there brown. Not blue.

[05:11:27] Yun My eyes are actually gold...y' case you guys wanted to know...

[05:12:12] Ursa That's actually good to know. Just in case we need to be in disguise.

[05:12:22] Ursa That way, we could recognize each other.

[05:12:50] Kaddo Very true

[05:12:53] Lostris also has golden eyes.

[05:13:27] Ursa Mine are brown. The wordbender says they are 'chocolate' brown, but I don't know what that means.

[05:13:39] Yun Kaddo is Aang's son, and Ursa is Zuko's come I've never heard of either of you?

[05:13:54] Yun I mean, I know both Aang and Zuko personally...

[05:13:56] Ursa Why, should I know you?

[05:14:03] Elquiorra It's a paradox.

[05:14:05] Ursa You know my dad? How?

[05:14:56] Kaddo I don't know. Ya'd think he would've introduced you to his family if he knows you so well

[05:15:06] Ursa (OOC) This'll be the fun part, watching them figure it out.

[05:15:12] Yun Remember, I said we defeated Yuan Chong together...and Elquiorra speaks! Wait...a para-who?

[04:15:32] Ursa Oh, that's right. *sheepish* I was never very good with history.

[04:15:33] Kaddo What's a paradox?

[04:15:48] Yun Aang doesn't have a family; he has a girlfriend, though. Katara

[04:15:48] Kaddo Is that some weird instrument?

[04:15:56] Kaddo Katara's my mother!

[04:16:03] Kaddo And waterbending teacher

[04:16:27] Yun She is good at it. But I'm confused...what's going on?

[04:16:28] Ursa A sounds almost...ominous.

[04:16:47] Elquiorra It's the only explanation.

[04:16:52] Kaddo'd we get here?

[04:16:57] Yun Can't be more ominous than Seraphine's obsession with death...

[04:17:01] Ursa What is a paradox, Elquiorra?

[04:17:05] Kaddo I guess it is

[04:17:46] Elquiorra Chaos.

[04:17:56] Ursa Oh. That's never good.

[04:18:20] Kaddo Chaos is bad

[04:18:28] Kaddo My father, Avatar Aang, says so

[04:18:45] Yun I just came from a wedding! What's all this talk about chaos! We saved the world already!

[04:19:09] Ursa Wait. Kaddo, your father is the Avatar. And Yun, you say you know Aang. But I know him, too, and I don't know either of you.

[04:19:21] Kaddo I was just paddling on my canoe back home to the South Pole

[04:19:22] Ursa Could...could there be more than one Aang?

[04:19:37] Kaddo Then I came here

[04:19:48] Kaddo If there's an Aang that's not my dad, there has to be

[04:19:54] Elquiorra Same with me. I know Avatar Aang, he's my past life but I don't know any of you.

[04:19:55] Kaddo But how?

[04:20:02] Yun

  • Scratches head* Come to think of it...the wedding I came from was Zuko and Mai's!

[04:20:11] Ursa I was on an adventure in the ruins of the Sun Warrior's temple.

[04:20:17] Kaddo How did you just come from Zuko and Mai's wedding?

[04:20:32] Kaddo They have a 13 year-old daughter

[04:20:40] Ursa Yeah; my parents have been married for almost seventeen years!

[04:21:03] Yun But...Ty Lee and I...we just congratulated them!

[04:21:05] Kaddo But...I don't remember you or Roh-Roh being their kids...

[04:21:16] Ursa And I don't know you, either. Sorry, kaddo.

[04:21:53] Kaddo Hmmm

[04:21:54] Yun If this is a paradox...I don't like it. I want to go back!

[04:21:56] Kaddo This is weird

[04:22:04] Kaddo I want to go back too!

[04:22:11] Kaddo I wanna be where things make sense!

[04:22:16] Ursa What did you see, just before you came here? I remember a large storm cloud, and a crash of thunder.

[04:22:49] Yun Odd...I saw a bright light shoot toward me from out of nowhere...

[04:23:05] Ursa Was it like lightning?

[04:23:10] Kaddo Like I said, I was in my canoe, heading back to the South Pole, then there was a great shiny thing in the ocean right in front of me

[04:23:35] Ursa I think...I think I remember light. But I don't know. The thunder scared me, and I fell.

[04:23:40] Kaddo Elqiorra, Sera: how did you get here?

[04:24:17] Kaddo It's all kind of fuzzy...

[04:24:23] Yun

  • Paces nervously* Man, Ty Lee's gonna be so worried...

[04:24:40] Elquiorra No idea.

[04:24:52] Ursa At least my parents won't be expecting me back for a few days...

[04:25:05] Ursa But Yuki isn't going to be happy.

[04:25:23] Yun If I know Zuko...he'd be worried sick about his kids no matter what.

[04:25:51] Ursa

  • sigh* You're right. And Yuki's going to go straight back when she realizes I'm gone.

[04:25:55] Kaddo My family doesn't know when I'm getting back yet

[04:26:09] Kaddo Who's Yuki?

[04:26:19] Ursa My bodyguard. And my friend.

[04:26:46] Kaddo Oh...that is not good

[04:27:04] Ursa No. My parents will know I disappeared in no time. *glum*

[04:27:21] Ursa I don't want them to be worried. I wish I could tell them I'm okay.

[04:28:15] Kaddo stares with sympathy at Ursa for a moment, then turns to Yun, Elquiorra and Sera

[04:28:39] Yun Ty Lee and Zuko are the only ones who would notice...being a Captain in the Navy that doesn't show up for duty will raise eyebrows...

[04:28:40] Kaddo Well, however this happened, we have to find a way to get back where we're supposed to

[04:29:10] Ursa

  • Determined* I agree. Sooner, rather than later.

[04:29:26] Ursa What do you suppose could do this? *thinks* A spirit, perhaps?

[04:29:31] Kaddo *resolve* okay

[04:29:32] Elquiorra The question is, how?

[04:30:09] Ursa I've heard of people who can journey into the Spirit World. I don't suppose one of you can?

[04:30:10] Kaddo Maybe, I hear spirits can be pretty powerful

[04:30:14] Yun I'm not sure about this; we hardly know each other!. You and Ursa seem nice enough, Kaddo, but Elquiorra hasn't said much of anything. And Sera...I don't trust her.

[04:30:30] Kaddo Elqiorra: don't you have an idea?

[04:30:42] Kaddo You're an Avatar, you're supposed to know spirits!

[04:30:50] Yun We have to lay all our Pai Sho tiles on the table, we can't have unknowns!

[04:30:55] Kaddo Yun: agree, completely

[04:30:55] Elquiorra Afraid not.

[04:30:56] Ursa Wait, Elquiorra, you're an Avatar?

[04:31:29] Ursa Can't you ask the spirits?

[04:31:51] Elquiorra I never connected with the spirit world, and I have no plans on doing so.

[04:32:09] Kaddo ...

[04:32:16] Kaddo Isn't that the Avatar's job?

[04:32:24] Ursa

  • sofly* It could be our only answer.

[04:33:01] Elquiorra Alright fine.

[04:33:26] Ursa

  • beams* I'm sure you'll do great!

[04:34:14] Yun While he's trying to do that, I'm gonna see if I can't hunt down some dinner. I'm still not sure about all of this...but it seems like I have no choice...

[04:34:31] Ursa Do you need help?

[04:34:41] Elquiorra (ooc) Now, I don't know what to do or say next.

[04:34:59] Yun Sure, Ursa, but it could be dangerous.

[04:35:18] Ursa That's okay. I can deal with danger!

[04:35:30] Yun (OOC) I do actually have to eat dinner, so I'll have to continue this another time

[04:35:32] Kaddo (OOC) did you say you were going to do something with spirits?

[04:35:41] Yun (OOC) C ya guys!

[04:35:48] Ursa (OOC) See you, Mage!

[04:35:52] Kaddo (OOC) See ya

[04:36:04] Elquiorra (OOC) BYE

[04:36:13] Ursa Yeah, we kind of took on the story a little. It does bring up how they'll figure out about the paradoxes and time streams, though

[04:36:41] Ursa (OOC)

[04:37:00] Kaddo (OOC) Well, this is pretty fun - anyone getting ideas from this exercise...inspiration for writing stuff?

[04:37:14] Kaddo nods

[04:37:17] Ursa (OOC) It's certainly giving me a better idea of the characters.

[04:37:21] Elquiorra (OOC)Yeah.

[04:37:25] Kaddo (OOC) yes they need to be confused at first

[04:37:53] Ursa (OOC) Should they figure it out on there own, get help from a spirit or does Olaiya show up?

[04:38:01] Ursa

  • their

[04:38:07] Kaddo (OOc) "I'm not sure about this; we hardly know each other!. You and Ursa seem nice enough, Kaddo, but Elquiorra hasn't said much of anything. And Sera...I don't trust her."

[04:38:20] Ursa (ooc) Good line.

[04:38:26] Elquiorra (OOC) Someone has to figure it out.

[04:38:34] Kaddo (OOC) yes that has good point

  1. vortexmeeting

[04:38:34] Kaddo (OOC) yes that has good point

[04:39:09] Ursa So we'll have to decide *how* they figure it out.

[04:39:15] Kaddo Lostris: what do you think?

[04:39:39] Kaddo Should it be talking about where they come from, sorta like we did?

[04:39:53] Elquiorra Yeah.

[04:39:54] |<-- Yun has left freenode (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

[04:39:56] Ursa I think that would be logical.

[04:40:17] Elquiorra Then someone realizes that they are in a paradox.

[04:40:32] Ursa My only issue with that is that they have no concept of a paradozx

[04:40:36] Ursa

  • paradox

[04:40:38] Kaddo Yes

[04:40:45] Kaddo It shouldn't be Kaddo

[04:41:02] Kaddo He's not the type to figure that kind of thing out on his own

[04:41:10] Lostris I'm down with that.

[04:41:25] Lostris Btw, as for Sera to work in the group and to get part of it:

[04:41:30] Ursa Ursa could certainly point out the possibility of more than one Aang. She's kind of open-minded.

[04:41:35] Lostris Someone should save her from someone/something

[04:41:47] Kaddo Well...

[04:41:49] Lostris She has a real sense of honor and when in debt, she'll do anything to repay that.

[04:42:00] Ursa I like that.

[04:42:03] Lostris Even travel to other worlds to do that.

[04:42:13] Lostris So that could be her reason to go along with everyone

[04:42:27] Lostris As I don't see her tag along out of friendliness as you all might have noticed ^^"

[04:42:37] Kaddo Kaddo is a healer

[04:42:41] Ursa lol

[04:43:03] Ursa Plus, everyone has a common goal.

[04:43:06] Ursa To get home.

[04:43:09] Kaddo It seems like Sera wouldn't get along with him normally

[04:43:10] Kaddo Yeah

[04:43:30] Elquiorra nods.

[04:43:49] Lostris Hehe, Kaddo healing Sera to save her

[04:43:52] Lostris likes it.

[04:43:57] Lostris That would totally piss her off

[04:44:00] Ursa

[04:44:04] Kaddo Lol

[04:44:06] Lostris That's she indebted to a child

[04:44:32] Kaddo Kaddo doesn't like to heal tho...he prefers regular waterbending

[04:44:45] Ursa But if it was necessary.

[04:44:45] Kaddo He thinks fighting is more manly...his mother made him learn to heal

[04:44:59] Ursa And I don't think there are any other healers, are there?

[04:45:04] Lostris He's totally gonna get lines as "You are so lucky I owe you." "Yeah? Well, you are so lucky I healed you." *grunts in annoyance*

[04:45:14] Kaddo ROFL

[04:45:16] Kaddo Ya

[04:45:18] Ursa lol

[04:45:33] Elquiorra Cool.

[04:46:07] Ursa Should they have someone who helps them out, like spirit who's very vague on explanation?

[04:46:28] Ursa somehow they have to find out what's going on.

[04:46:30] -->| Suzon ( has joined #vortexmeeting

[04:46:37] =-= Suzon is now known as Olaiya

[04:46:39] Lostris Well, the Avatar can always travel to the spirit world

[04:46:40] Ursa Suzon!

[04:46:42] Olaiya Hi

[04:46:47] Olaiya Sorry

[04:46:51] Lostris Now as for the actual vortex thing, how does that work?

[04:46:56] Kaddo That would be where Elquiorra comes in if we do that

[04:47:07] Ursa That could definitely work

[04:47:11] Ursa Handy, having an Avatar.

[04:47:14] Kaddo The paradox caused the vortex, didn't it?

[04:47:19] Olaiya was very busy at camp and had to stay and help some kids

[04:47:24] Olaiya Kaddo: Energybending did

[04:47:31] Lostris But where did the paradox come from?

[04:47:56] Lostris It can also just be some time portal build or anything if we go to the technology in Korra's time and build on that

[04:48:09] -->| MateyY (4b10baac@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #vortexmeeting

[04:48:26] Olaiya idk

[04:48:28] Olaiya maybe

[04:48:39] Olaiya What do people think of the Olaiya pics?

[04:48:48] Olaiya I've been using?

[04:48:51] Ursa They're creepy.

[04:49:08] Ursa Reminds me of the alter-Ichigo in Bleach.

[04:49:27] -->| SukiFanboy (18e04c59@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #vortexmeeting

[04:49:33] Olaiya

[04:49:37] Elquiorra Hollow Aang

[04:49:42] Olaiya Yeah; it's Hollow Aang

[04:49:43] Kaddo Ah - bigger crowd now

[04:49:48] Olaiya But I added the Vortex

[04:49:51] Lostris The remind me of a clown

[04:49:54] Lostris I hate clows

[04:49:56] Olaiya

[04:49:58] Lostris And so does Sera

[04:50:01] SukiFanboy Heyo, everyone.

[04:50:06] Lostris They scare us both ^^"

[04:50:09] Ursa Clowns are creepy.

[04:50:14] Ursa Hey, Slash1

[04:50:23] Olaiya Hey SukiFanboy

[04:50:26] Kaddo Looks liike from a horror movie

[04:50:35] Olaiya So, have we roll played yet?

[04:50:39] Olaiya Can we now?

[04:50:41] Olaiya Or what?

[04:51:01] SukiFanboy thinks we should

[04:51:05] MateyY So how did go?

[04:51:14] Kaddo We did for a bit, then we discussed it after

[04:51:28] Ursa Yup.

[04:51:46] Ursa We'll need to work on the story some soon.

[04:51:50] MateyY Sorry I forgot X_X

[04:51:58] MateyY It has just been so busy...

[04:52:08] Kaddo We do

[04:52:40] Olaiya can start writing the prologue

[04:52:59] Kaddo Yeah, that'll help

[04:53:07] Olaiya won't be able to get it finished until at least Friday though....

[04:53:12] Olaiya has camp all week

[04:53:19] SukiFanboy That's alright.

[04:53:26] Kaddo Can you summarize the gist of it now?

[04:53:37] Kaddo So we know where to go from there

[04:53:54] Olaiya yep.

[04:54:34] Olaiya First, Olaiya is shown as an adult, viewing a mystery child; he than creates the vortexes.

[04:54:44] Olaiya Than It shows his own childhood

[04:55:07] Olaiya and is not revealed till later on that Olaiya is the mystery child

[04:55:39] Kaddo Yeah, that has to come much later in the story

[04:55:39] Olaiya and than he travels into the first vortexes; and than a quick glimpse of chapter 1's world.

[04:56:12] Ursa does he have a villain's solliquoy?

[04:57:17] Olaiya Maybe

[04:57:19] Olaiya idk

[04:57:37] Ursa what do you mean by chapter 1's world?

[04:57:58] Kaddo I think he should

[04:58:08] Olaiya Whatetver world chapter one will take place in

[04:58:08] Kaddo It would introduce him well

[04:58:11] Olaiya and okay

[04:58:15] Olaiya Yep.

[04:58:37] Kaddo The characters meet in chapter one

[04:59:27] Olaiya Yes.

[04:59:39] Olaiya Whose world do they meet in?

[04:59:48] Olaiya They will be in that world for 1+2

[05:00:00] Ursa Which worlds do you want to visit?

[05:00:00] Ursa Which worlds do you want to visit?

[05:00:20] Olaiya Each fanons

[05:00:28] Olaiya and maybe even the main A:TLA world

[05:00:39] Ursa Okay, so the characters will have to have some motivation to continue, instead of staying home, right?

[05:00:58] Olaiya They were sucked through the vortex

[05:01:04] Olaiya and cannot return home

[05:01:10] Olaiya without destroying olaiya

[05:01:22] Olaiya and the vortexes

[05:01:26] Olaiya one by one

[05:01:36] Kaddo Don't we all have an adventure in each of our worlds?

[05:01:41] Olaiya Yes

[05:01:53] Kaddo Each character visits their world then

[05:01:57] Olaiya To move on a world they desstroy a vortx but are ssucked through the next

[05:02:00] Olaiya and yes

[05:02:16] Olaiya destroy* vortex* sucked*

[05:02:32] Kaddo Maybe they can find out the danger Olaiya poses, so they aren't tempted to just stay in their world when its their turn to return

[05:02:44] Ursa That would work/

[05:03:09] Olaiya Yeah.

[05:03:15] Ursa How?

[05:03:25] Kaddo We'd have to make it super clear that Olaiya would screw them over if they dont defeat him

[05:03:36] Kaddo Aka he's conquering the multiverse

[05:03:40] Ursa lol

[05:03:54] Olaiya He destroys each universes moon

[05:03:54] Olaiya maybe [05:03:56] Ursa Right. I guess my point is, who would have that info?

[05:04:00] Olaiya with energy

[05:04:15] Kaddo Do they find out through a spirit at the beginning?

[05:04:24] Kaddo If lquioorra talks to one

[05:04:24] Olaiya That could work

[05:04:40] Ursa I do like that idea.

[05:04:47] Kaddo After they realize they've all left their dimennsion

[05:05:22] Elquiorra Yeah.

[05:06:31] Ursa Should we use a Spirit from ATLA or can we make a new one?

[05:06:43] Olaiya idk

[05:07:07] Ursa I feel like it should be a special spirit, who knows about all the worlds. Perpahs the only one who does.

[05:07:29] Ursa Or we could Enma. I have a soft spot for that monkey.

[05:08:05] Olaiya I'd think Hei Bei

[05:08:22] Ursa Problem: Hei Bei doesn't speak.

[05:08:54] Olaiya Vision

[05:08:55] Olaiya Maybe?

[05:08:59] Kaddo Does each Avatar have their own spirit guide?

[05:09:19] Ursa I don't know. I know they each have animal guides.

[05:10:08] Olaiya I have no idea

[05:11:18] Elquiorra ....

[05:11:26] Kaddo Any thoughts?

[05:11:41] Kaddo Its your character that gets to the spirit

[05:11:43] Ursa I think it should be a spirit. It makes sense.

[05:11:44] Olaiya Maybe Roku could do it

[05:11:49] Olaiya He

[05:11:52] Olaiya 's epic

[05:12:12] Kaddo Or maybe Aang

[05:12:24] Kaddo From Elquiorras past

[05:12:29] Olaiya mmm....

[05:12:34] Olaiya likes Roku

[05:12:39] Kaddo And hes from other ones present

[05:12:39] Elquiorra Aang

[05:12:41] Olaiya but Aang's good

[05:13:38] Olaiya Yeah

[05:13:42] Olaiya Aang works

[05:13:44] Ursa Is it possible Aang could appear to everyone?

[05:13:57] Elquiorra I think the spirit who informs Elquiorra should be Aang.

[05:14:16] Olaiya and Elquiorra informs the others n their dreams

[05:14:25] Olaiya because he knows they are needed

[05:14:30] Olaiya somehow

[05:14:33] Ursa in their dreams?

[05:14:51] Elquiorra Avatar Roku was seen by the whole team Avatar.

[05:15:12] Kaddo No they had already met when he contacted Aang

[04:15:20] Kaddo To figure out what's going on

[04:15:30] Ursa Right/

[04:15:38] Olaiya Okay

[04:15:39] Olaiya Yeah

[04:15:42] Olaiya That works

[04:17:03] Kaddo So he contacts Aang

[04:17:13] Olaiya Yep

[04:17:29] Ursa Settled.

[04:17:29] Kaddo Who is also - in a way - Yun's friend, Kaddo's father and Ursa's father's friend

[04:17:32] Elquiorra Yeah.

[04:17:48] Ursa Ursa's surrogate uncle. One of many.

[04:18:12] Ursa Question: What world will that Aang be from?

[04:18:19] Ursa Like, will he know them all?

[04:18:22] Olaiya All

[04:18:24] Olaiya Combined

[04:18:28] Olaiya somehow

[04:18:56] Kaddo I thought it was Elquiorra's

[04:19:04] Olaiya Oh

[04:19:04] Kaddo Since it's his past life in his world

[04:19:06] Olaiya yeah

[04:19:47] Ursa That makes sense.

[04:19:53] Kaddo maybe since he's the Avatar, he can contact his past lives despite being in a different world

[04:20:05] Ursa But spirit Aang knows about the other worlds?

[04:20:22] Olaiya Yes

[04:21:12] Kaddo He must've sensed something when the vortexes were made

[04:21:20] Kaddo Since hes a spirit and all

[04:21:23] Olaiya Yeah

[04:21:24] Ursa And investigated.

[04:21:34] Olaiya yep

[04:21:56] Kaddo When he notices his current reincarnation went to another world

[04:22:20] Ursa I like that.

[04:22:23] Olaiya Yeah

[04:22:24] Olaiya me too

[04:22:34] Elquiorra Me too.

[04:23:06] Ursa Because of their connection, Aang can contact Elquiorra. Correct?

[04:23:23] Elquiorra Yeah.

[04:23:54] Elquiorra Or he can contact him.

[04:25:01] Olaiya Maybe

[04:25:31] Ursa Right. So...anything else to discuss?

[04:25:52] Olaiya not really

[04:25:55] Kaddo Can't think of anything

[04:26:05] Olaiya

[04:26:11] Kaddo When should our next meeting be?

[04:26:12] Olaiya Check that out^

[04:26:15] Ursa Okay, good.

[04:26:17] SukiFanboy So, when's the next meeting?

[04:26:18] Olaiya and idk

[04:26:25] Olaiya I won't be available till Saturday

[04:26:34] Olaiya unless it's aroun 7 or 8

[04:26:37] Ursa What about next Monday, same time?

[04:26:53] Olaiya okay

[04:26:57] Olaiya I'll be available

[04:27:05] Kaddo Works for me

[04:27:12] SukiFanboy Alright, then.

[04:27:14] Ursa Okay.

[04:27:17] Ursa What should we discuss?

[04:27:33] Kaddo SukiFanboy MateyY Character conventions

[04:27:34] Ursa RP and more plot?

[04:27:42] Olaiya Maybe

[04:27:49] Kaddo We all make one on the AV wiki

[04:28:04] SukiFanboy Okay.

[04:28:07] Olaiya Did anyone check the forum? I think it's serious enough

[04:28:16] Olaiya \/me knows that's irrelevant

[04:28:16] Kaddo So far LL, Suzon, Mage, Word and I have made them

[04:28:23] Olaiya isn't done

[04:28:37] Kaddo Olaiya: it is irrelevant

[04:28:42] Elquiorra I'm almost finished.

[04:28:47] Kaddo Let's try to keep that separate from this

[04:28:52] Olaiya Okay

[04:28:58] Elquiorra I'll have it up today.

[04:29:16] Kaddo If /that/ spills into this, /this/ is gonna have trouble

[04:29:36] Olaiya Not really

[04:29:43] Ursa I don't know what that is, but I agree: Keep Vortex Vortex.

[04:29:49] Olaiya OKay

[04:29:50] Kaddo Yes

[04:29:57] Elquiorra Next topic.

[04:30:24] Ursa Do you think youl

[04:30:26] Olaiya has to leave

[04:30:30] Olaiya Bye guys

[04:30:33] <--| Olaiya has left #vortexmeeting

[04:30:41] Ursa Bye. Guess I won't ask...

[04:30:47] Kaddo Anything else before we adjourn?

[04:30:55] Ursa Nope, don't think so.

[04:31:12] SukiFanboy Okey-day, then.

[04:31:18] Ursa Yep. Good talk.

[04:31:31] Ursa See you guys later?

[04:31:34] Elquiorra Nope.

[04:31:48] Kaddo I'll post this conversation and some major bullet points we discussed like I did last time

[04:31:52] Elquiorra Next Monday at what time?

[04:32:00] Kaddo Same time - 5?

[04:32:05] Kaddo EST

[04:32:06] Ursa Good, ARG; thanks for doing that, it's a lot of help.

[04:32:08] Elquiorra Alright.

[04:32:19] Ursa Sounds good.

[04:32:44] SukiFanboy Meeting ajourned?

[04:32:55] Kaddo Meeting adjourned

[04:33:01] Ursa Bye, all!