• The next meting will be on Monday, at 5 PM, EST.
  • We did some role playing related to our Character Conventions, to get a feel for the characters and how the group was compatible.
  • A quote from Yun which provides perspective: ”I’m not sure about this; we hardly know each other! You and Ursa seem nice enough, Kaddo, but Elquiorra hasn’t said much of anything. And Sera…I don’t trust her.”
  • Seraphine might open up to another character during the course of the story, but she would have to threaten that character not to tell her secret in the process.
  • Seraphine will be saved by someone early on and feel indebted to that character, which is her motivation to travel to other worlds from that point on. She may be healed by Kaddo.
  • Characters such as Yun, Ursa and Kaddo will become confused after going through the vortexes. Reluctantly, Elquiorra is persuaded to contact Aang (his past life) to find out what happened. TBBNTB-Aang sensed his the vortexes being formed and, after some investigation, finds out about Olaiya.
  • The characters may be seen going through vortexes, or may just describe it later. They may meet up in the same spot or different spots. They will either all team up or be in small groups.
  • To move onto a new world (and a new chapter) the characters must destroy a vortex, but by doing so they are then sucked into the next.
  • The prologue, written by Suzon, will begin with Olaiya as an adult, possibly giving a monologue. He will be viewing a mystery child (who remains unknown for now, but later turns out to be him), then he creates the vortexes in different universes and goes into the first vortex.
  • Omar067, Wordbender, Mageddon725, Lady Lostris and AvatarRokusGhost were present for the role play. Suzon, MateyY and Agent Slash arrived later. BlackMonkey was absent.
  • Please discuss only Vortex at Vortex meetings. If you have an issue elsewhere or with another user, do not bring it into the meetings or the Vortex wiki, especially if the other user is also part of the Vortex team.

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