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    Shirou's Crossover

    August 28, 2012 by BlackMonkey

    Here's mine - It's closer to 400 words, but I think it's fine. Still pretty short. If you guys need me to shorten it that's fine.

    The sun was setting over the dark, wooded trail of the Earth Kingdom. Shirou stumbled down the path, still in great pain from his recent fight. He felt his face, it was still cold and lifeless, but his features were beginning to come back to how they used to be. The distinctive curves of his face and shape of his nose that were faded when he returned to the forest were able to be felt again. His current strength, however, was a mere shadow of its former self - falling, aching, burning, pain tearing him apart each time he stepped.

    But he had to move forward. At the Town of Ethos, everyone was waiting for him, count…

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