Here's mine - It's closer to 400 words, but I think it's fine. Still pretty short. If you guys need me to shorten it that's fine.

The sun was setting over the dark, wooded trail of the Earth Kingdom. Shirou stumbled down the path, still in great pain from his recent fight. He felt his face, it was still cold and lifeless, but his features were beginning to come back to how they used to be. The distinctive curves of his face and shape of his nose that were faded when he returned to the forest were able to be felt again. His current strength, however, was a mere shadow of its former self - falling, aching, burning, pain tearing him apart each time he stepped.

But he had to move forward. At the Town of Ethos, everyone was waiting for him, counting on him. He needed to pass on the news from his recent struggle, or it would be too late, and Shinji could die. That was not an option for Shirou. He had to keep trudging along, pure determination driving him because he had nothing else left to do so.

Suddenly, a deathly crash erupted from above, and Shirou looked up at the fading blue sky beginning to fall apart in front of his own eyes, a huge crack seemingly tearing apart the heavens. It sounded like horrible thunder, a dark, exploding uproar bursting from above in booms and roars.

"What the heck?" Shirou said, drawing his sword which was still stained in dark blood. "Not the Spirit World again!"

Huge shards of storm clouds that used to be floating high above were falling down to earth, and the dark, swirling vortex which had seemed to magically open up in the sky became bigger and bigger, enveloping Shirou's vision. He began to run now, sprinting, huge bolts of pain shooting through his legs, but he didn't care. Something, something supernatural, was trying to take him, and he wasn't going to let it. He felt it start to wrap itself around him, and he was beginning to be lifted upwards, still trying to run.

"Get away from me!" shouted Shirou into the darkness of the sky, trying to make his way out of the shadows which were taking him higher and higher, far beyond the clouds. "Let go of me!"

And with that, Shirou was pulled into the void, which as quickly as it appeared, closed up again, leaving the sky in its regular blue, cloudy state. And the Earth Kingdom continued as if nothing happened.