Okay, I've written down something preliminary: Yun's crossover in the Vortex. I have an idea. The first chapter (not the prologue) will have sections with each character getting pulled into a Vortex and reappearing on a different plane (not one of our worlds, not yet). After that, the next chapter could detail their interactions (sort of like the character convention last Monday), and we can move on from their.

Here is my portion (or at least some approximation of what it'll be):

“That represents my word to you; I will not forget.”

Yun and Ty Lee sat out on one of the many balconies that lined the Fire Nation Royal Palace, and both of them wished it didn’t have to end.

“When do you leave?” The Kyoshi Warrior asked softly.

“In a week…” The newly-christened captain gripped his girlfriend’s hand. “I will visit Kyoshi Island the first chance I get. You know that. You wouldn't leave me alone, so I won't leave you.”

“I just…just wish it didn’t have to be like this…” She kissed him quickly, and her old grin returned. “But that’s okay, because we’ll be fine! I know it!”

“Yes we will.” He exhaled. “Now, we have to figure out how we’re going to spend our time over this next week; we should make the best of it!”

Ty Lee beamed. “Yeah, definitely!”

“So what do you want to—?”

The teenagers were interrupted by an incredibly bright light manifesting right in front of the balcony. It twirled and bucked, sending out little extensions with each convulsion, and both Fire Nation nobles held their eyes wide open.

“What is that, Yun?!” The acrobat cried.

“I don’t kn—!”

“That represents my word to you; I will not forget.”

Ty Lee! Yun sat up, the white sand flowing around his cape and armor. Wait…sand! Where am I?!

He glanced noting the pool of water beside him and the trees in the distance. “This…where is this? Ty Lee!”

What’s going on?!

Or something like that. We can discuss particulars on Monday.