In attendance were: Suzon, Wordbender, AvatarRokusGhost, Mageddon725, and Agent Slash

  • A winter finale was discussed, prompting AvatarRokusGhost to add it to the timeline.
  • The effects of the Paradox on reality was discussed, and although there is debate about  delivery, simple signs escalating into worlds crumbling seems to be generally agreed upon.
  • Chapter 8, was moved to chapter seven, with the finale becoming six, chapter six became chapter nine, and chapter seven became chapter eight.
  • I (Suzon), have added possible plot points for the winter finale, and its other "part" Sozin's Comet, at the next meeting we can work out the kinks, because nothings set in stone.

In other news, Mage, Wordbender, and Slash recieved a cookie for identifying The Doctor, and Slash tried on a new scarf.