Points of Interest

In attendence were: Everyone except for Wordbender, AvatarRokusGhost, Minnichi, BlackMonkey, and Agent Slash.

Suzon brought up six topics to discuss:

  • A revision of Vortex's main page on the Avatar Wiki.
  • The addition of a News/Updates page of Vortex on the Avatar Wiki.
  • The filling in of major story events that are missing from the Outline.
  • Deciding on a date for the Winter Finale, which also means that the unreleased previous chapters have to be released by than.
  • Making a BSST column advertising the Winter Finale, including, a recap of previous chapters, a minor excerpt, a tiny plot description, and the Release Date.
  • minor discussion about the possibility of a sequel series.

Unfortunately, only two authors showed up to the prescheduled meeting.

EToM (Estimated Timespan of Meeting): 43 minutes

In other news, Suzon and Mageddon725 each recieved a cookie for showing up to the meeting, Suzon named his top 6 fanons, and Mage named his top five fanons. Mage got a cookie for having a fanon in Suzons top six fanons, as did AvatarRokusGhost.

Next meeting

The next planned meeting is Friday, January 11 around 5:00PM to make up for the aboslute and utter FAILURE that was Monday, January 7th's meeting.

Cookie Chart

Also, I have made a cookie chart/table thingy. Suzon awards cookies, and counts who gets them, by the way, from now on, missing a meeting results in a two cookie reduction, unless you have a good excuse! 

ARG Benderofwords EbonyBaboon Mage(Winning) Minn Slash Suzon
1 1 0 3 0 1 1