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  • My occupation is Wordbending
  • I am Female, she says, in attempts to avoid awkward confusion
  • Wordbender

    Part Two So Far

    May 31, 2013 by Wordbender

    I apologize, because this is a very rough draft. It needs some elbow grease, and I have to fix references to Kaddo's arrival. But this is the gist of it, so let me know how it works.

    The Avatar sensed his end. There had been times, so many times, that he had wished for his suffering to cease, but not like this. Not by the hand of this terrifying creature that had once been his daughter.

    As the sound of thunder filled his ears, the Avatar closed his eyes. He tried to open his mouth, but the strength had drained from him. I’m sorry, Sakura. A tear escaped from beneath his lid. It slid down his cheek, hot against his flesh, like a brand of shame. So sorry.

    The pressure eased from his chest. Air filled his lungs as he gasped. His eyes flittered o…

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  • Wordbender

    In my Internet browsing today, I came across an article called 'On Being a Co-Writer'. Hey, I said to myself, I'm a co-writer!

    I skimmed through and it makes some very good points, so I thought I'd share with all my fellow co-writers. XD

    On Being A Co-Writer

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  • Wordbender

    In attendance were Wordbender, Mage, and ARG

    • Chapter 1 has been published and our subscribers notified. Huzzah!
    • It was decided that a running sideplot involving Olaiya and Shirou will be added, hopefully with a scene in each chapter, chronicling their chase of the Avatar into the other world and their eventual alliance, culminating in Shirou's betraying Olaiya in BM's chapter. This has not actually been outlined, so brainstorm!
    • ARG reported that he's 600 words into chapter three, and also calculated that we will be able to ask for a review after Minn's chapter.

    In other news, it was decided Iroh would never have been involved in the Boston Tea Party, and the epicness that is The Hobbit was discussed at long length. Because it is that awesome.

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  • Wordbender

    In attendance were Wordbender, Mage, and Minnichi.

    • Suzon had previously informed Mage that it would be some time before he could finish Chapter 1 and so provided him with the outline so someone else could work on it.
    • Wordbender offered to take over the first chapter, using a combination of Suzon's outline and her own. She is optimistic about turning out a draft by next week.
    • It was suggested that we add a chapter 'progress bar' on our Vortex fanon page, and the idea was met with enthusiasm.
    • Changes to the Prologue have been suggested, including the swapping of Olaiya's final section with Ling's, converting words currently in all caps to italics, as well as some sentence editing offered by Mage.

    In other news, Suzon was mistaken for Sozen and at…

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  • Wordbender

    In attendance were BM, Mageddon and Wordbender. ARG did appear, but lost connection.

    • It was decided that the prologue is a good length. If everyone agrees, the scenes from Slash and Matey are not deemed necessary, but are still welcome.
    • To avoid large gaps of time for the readers, we think chapter one should be well under way before the prologue is finished.
    • Authors should begin considering the setting for their second chapters if the vortexes in their worlds have already been closed.
    • Encounters with Olaiya were suggested to be rare, definitely not in every chapter. Five or more was the estimated number.

    We really need to get all members in one meeting at once. How about next Monday? Other suggestions?

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