My apologies. I lost the conversation and this was all I could pull from memory. If anyone remembers more, please add on.

Users in attendance: ARG, Agent Slash, BlackMonkey, Mageddon725, Wordbender

Points of Interest:

  • Chapter One's outline has been slightly tweaked. The gang will land together on Olaiya's world, they will confront Olaiya and battle enough to piece together an idea of what's going on. Olaiya blasts them to the next world.
  • It has been agreed that Suzon, if he accepts, is the best choice as author for Chapter One, as it takes place on Olaiya's world.
  • 'Energy' has been identified as 'essence', that is, that which makes something what it is.
  • It was discussed that Olaiya should be able to manipulate a person's energy. Basically, controlling their essences so they are no longer themselves. Just like any other kind of bending, the effort would have to be constant.
  • Instead of minions, it has been suggested that Olaiya 'use' people via energybending to do his will. The idea that he could make some kind of creature made of energy was also toyed with.
  • In an early chapter, Shirou will team up with Olaiya during another confrontation.