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    Goodbye Vortex

    March 23, 2013 by Zhao's Fanboy

    I sadly write this today because; unfortunately it needs to be written. Earlier a member of the ever so amazing writing team pointed out a fact. I have written but a paragraph of Vortex. I am not qualified to choose the next newbie authors as I wanted too. Yes I wanted to make the choice of new authors (don't worry i wasn't going to cut anyone who wasn't inactive.) myself. The same way I did last time. To pick a great team! I even said that I wouldn't pick people I didn't like. But somebody wants to vote. So I will give you all the vote.

    According to a former author/bystander; I'm not really fit to be in a community fanon because I "unwanted edits", said person noting that the new Main Page design I made was reverted by both ARG; and Minnic…
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