Goodbye Vortex

I sadly write this today because; unfortunately it needs to be written. Earlier a member of the ever so amazing writing team pointed out a fact. I have written but a paragraph of Vortex. I am not qualified to choose the next newbie authors as I wanted too. Yes I wanted to make the choice of new authors (don't worry i wasn't going to cut anyone who wasn't inactive.) myself. The same way I did last time. To pick a great team! I even said that I wouldn't pick people I didn't like. But somebody wants to vote. So I will give you all the vote.

According to a former author/bystander; I'm not really fit to be in a community fanon because I "unwanted edits", said person noting that the new Main Page design I made was reverted by both ARG; and Minnichi. I didn't see it that way, but my apparently uncooperative work on community fanons clouds my judgement. Apparently, "sure.." Is the only response to me pointing out the fact that my obviously wrong self thought that we agreed on a new main page design. I was obviously clouded by my authoratative and dictatorial grasp on the fanon. I guess I should also stop using my excuse as creator to try and pick the newbies on the cast.
To wrap it up, I'm going to go hurt myself for being such a dick to you all! To take my place I'd like to nominate Omashu Rocks. He was most likely going to be a pick for Vortex Two, but I think you should vote about him here and now. Please let him win! I think he has great potential. I'm sorry for "holding [you] back" as one of your fabulous team once said about me in an interview to Omashu Rocks for a WLS Article. I'm sorry that when I see you around I will no longer share the bond of writing some of us had together. I guess I'm no longer a piece of our "own team avatar". I'm really sorry for doing this. I'm really sorry for being a jerk to you all. I'm just sorry. I'd like to see Vortex finish. Do that for meh, will yah? I'm also sorry I have done little to no writing, and am less qualified to make decisions than you all. I'm sorry. Done! --Nozus (talk) 01:53, March 23, 2013 (UTC)