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"Convergence, Part 1" is the first chapter of Template:F.

Previously on Vortex Edit

A young woman named Eris awaited the arrival of the Avatar to a desolate place, ready to face him in battle.

Convergence, Part 1 Edit

With the world as its playground, the wind challenged a raven eagle to fly higher and faster than it ever had before, testing its strength. Heaving its wings, the bird rose up, soaring on the currents. Swirling around a white puffy cloud, the bird folded its wings against its body, like half-sheathed blades, and stooped down, its head thrust forward. Its eyes, the fiercest gold, with tear-like markings around it, black as obsidian, were completely focused on the ground. The raven eagle was fully committed to its stoop and emitted a cry like a faint lament, which was almost lost in the immensity of the wide open plain below it, though it harmonized beautifully with the wind singing over its wings as its downwards speed picked up. The velocity of its dive was such that nothing could have stopped it, but as if it had hit a wall, the bird suddenly flared out, its wings changing profile, with the air shrieking over it. Another wave of invisible power sent the bird tumbling over, and, using its own momentum, the raven eagle arced up into the sky.

Breathing in deeply, a young woman, whose waist-long dark hair glistened in the sunlight, casually stretched out her right arm, seemingly uninterested in the man standing several meters away from her. As her open hand reached its zenith, an arc of energy shot out, rippling the air as it coursed toward the battered looking man. She did not pay any attention to what she was doing, as her gaze was directed upwards to the swiftly rising raven eagle. With her own bright golden eyes, she followed the bird until it was nothing more than a black speck against the clear blue sky. Its cry sounded once more, plaintive and remote, as a last reminder of its presence, though it was drowned out by the painful grunts of the man as he was flung backwards when the energy hit him.

As if surprised by the noise, the woman glanced over her still outstretched hand toward the man that was now lying down motionless on his back in the grass. His outfit had been that of a rich Fire Nation nobleman, a tunic of the finest fabrics, colored in several shades of red with a golden line tracing intricate patterns that embellished the ending of his once long sleeves. The exquisite attire was now dusty and bedraggled, however, as it showed every sign of fierce combat; it was torn in several places and completely ripped off in others. His left leg was bare from his knee and a river of blood flowed down from a hidden wound on his thigh. Though his loose trousers were naturally crimson-colored, a sinister dark patch revealed that it was not quite the same color as blood could be. His body bore the fresh markings of a recent rough beating, with several dark welts rising up on his bare skin. A bloody gash adorned his face that could not have been over forty-five years old, and his left eye was swollen and dark with congested blood. His right eye was closed as well and a thin crimson line dribbled down one of the corners of his mouth. If it had not been for the painfully slow rising and lowering of his chest, one would have believed the man to be dead.

The noise of a twig breaking under the high heels of the woman and the long shadow she cast over him seemingly roused him to consciousness once more.

"W-w-why?" His chest heaving under the strain his two broken rips placed on his lungs, he spat out the word, his bulging face contorting in the painful effort it had caused him to speak.

The slender woman looked down upon him, her neutral expression contrasting vividly with the storm of raging emotions swirling around in her eyes. The golden disks stood out against her pale, nearly grayish skin and black hair. In the sunlight, the long locks seemed to gleam the softest blue and the wind draped it around her form as a silky curtain. A simple, skin-hugging dress accentuated the womanly curves of her twenty-year-old body to perfection while two high splits on the sides left her long, elegant legs bare.

Without warning, she planted her left foot in the middle of the man's chest, forcing an awful cry from him as the silver stiletto buried itself in his skin.

"You still don't know, do you?" Her voice was smooth as honey, though the words were sharp as knives. "Even now, after all this time we spend together, you are still as clueless as ever." She twisted the shoe to the right, burying its heel even deeper in his flesh. "Perhaps you should ask one of your past lives. After all, isn't the Avatar empowered with the skills and knowledge of all his past lives?" She turned her foot to the left, eliciting another cry from the helpless man. "Surely, one of them must've figured out what this is all about?"

She stared down upon him for what seemed to be an eternity, though it were only ten seconds; ten agonizingly long seconds, as her rage grew more apparent with every passing, answerless breath.

"Nothing?" Her voice had lowered to a whisper, though it was more threatening than anything she could have shouted at him. "Not even a guess?" She leaned forward, putting more pressure on her left foot. The man answered by gurgling up a pool of blood, staining his own collar.

She held out her right hand over his face, fingers spread. A familiar feeling washed over her like heat, spreading from her fingertips throughout her arm, filling the rest of her body. She closed her eyes momentarily in focus, and when she opened them again, she no longer saw a battered man lying before her, but a swirling pool of white light. It was pulsing and dancing along with his heartbeat, but it was growing noticeably weaker as his heart slowed due to his many injuries. His death was near, she could see it, she could feel it. His life energy was draining fast.

"You're not getting out of this so easily," she said more to herself than to him, while retracting her hand and foot. She stepped back and spread her hands out, fingers wide, though this time she aimed them at the ground. The swirling green energy that the lush, young grass emitted was nearly palpable and it danced along the rhythm of the wind. The woman began to reel in that energy, grabbing hold of it and pulling it up in a single stream. As she did so, the unlucky plants lost all their color before withering and dying, as all their life energy drained from them. Having gathered the energy in a floating, pulsing ball, she started to move her hands around in a circular motion, guiding the stolen life force along with her. She gathered the energy into a condense ball between her hands, and forcefully threw it at the man. It hit him square in his chest, sending an agonizingly burning sensation coursing through his veins as the alien energy violently revitalized him. Coughing, he shot up, as the last of the life force filled his being.

The woman coldly stared at him, an amused smirk on her face. "How does it feel, knowing that part of your beloved planet had to die in order to save you?" She opened her arms wide as she gestured to the withered circle of deceased plant life. "How does it feel, knowing that the rest of your beloved planet will suffer the same fate because of you?"

Still weak from his injuries, he pushed himself up to his feet, even that simple motion already draining him. Fighting for his balance, he swayed back and forth. "W-why? Why are you ... doing ... this?" His breath became ragged, but he forced himself to continue. "P-please, don't do this. Don't make the w-w-world suffer for my wrong-d-doings."

"Your 'wrongdoings'?" The full blue lips on the pale gray face twitched upwards into a smile, a smile with pure white teeth behind it, empty of amusement. A smile of a predator. "You don't even know what you did to deserve this, do you?" The smooth silk of her voice was deadly. "Cause trust me, old man, you brought this on yourself. The one thing that you hold dear above all else, above everyone else, will suffer because of you. I saved your life just now so you could learn, so you could understand why you, and only you, have brought this on the world. You do not understand yet, but you will, trust me. You will."

With every syllable that passed her lips, the dreaded weight of doom grew heavier on the Avatar's shoulders. He grabbed hold of his right arm, applying pressure on one of his many open wounds, while straightening himself up again. "Who are you?"

If he had thought that it would be a good question to ask, then he was immediately proven wrong. The woman cried out in rage, a flicker of pain appearing in her eyes, and her hair fanned out around her as if the wind had picked up. Though it was not the wind, as the wind had subsided long ago. He felt a vast energy coming off the young woman, a palpable barrier of power; a dreadful power.

The woman looked at the bobbing light emanating from the Avatar. It was beating strong once again, as there was nothing like a surge of fearful adrenaline to power one's body. She clawed at the man with her right hand, her sharp fingernails scratching nothing but air, though four dark lashes pierced the Avatar's energy, manifesting itself in four equally deep wounds on his arm. Using the momentum of her slash, she turned around her axis, and with her weight firmly rooted on her front left leg, she thrust her left hand forward, open palmed, squeezing her hand slowly to a closing point.

She focused on the beating muscle in his chest, that sent ripple after ripple of blinding white light through his body. However, the more she squeezed, the harder it became for the Avatar's heart to move. Even though she had not laid a hand on him, the Avatar's energy was interrupted, and a very real physical pain made itself a master of the ruler of the elements. He clawed at his chest to no avail, as he could not fight his own life force, he could not fight what was going on inside of him. Twisting her hand ever so slightly, the Avatar contorted in pain. He was levitated off the ground by an upwards energy when the woman slowly raised her right hand, a sensation that felt to the Avatar like there was a giant fish-hook pulling him along by his intestines.

"Who am I?" Her voice was strained, though it was more from the apparent fury than from the effort it took to hold the man in her grasp. "You know, I thought that I had shielded myself against you, but even now, after all these years, you can still get to me." She felt him fight against her grasp, but like the elephant rat fighting the elephant mandrill, it was to no use. "I don't know why I am actually surprised that you haven't figured out who I am yet. How could you?" She pulled her right hand backwards, floating the Avatar toward her, so that they were now nearly face to face. "You were never there for me. Not after what happened to Yuta ... and Yahato." As she whispered the names of his deceased sons in each of his ears, the woman noticed the spark of energetic shock ripple through his being, the first signs of comprehension bringing a perverted satisfaction to her. "You were there for everybody else. For the Fire Lord, a lowly Water Tribe peasant, the entire world, but you were never there for me. You didn't have the time. You didn't have the heart. You could not even look at me anymore. Look at me now."

The man's head reeled back, his eyes rolling in their sockets as his mind could not grasp the reality of the woman's words. It could not be, it just could not be her.

"I said, look at me!" Her voice snapped at him, venom adding to the bitter tone.

He tilted his head to face her. He blinked, clearing his vision of the gray swirling mist around the edges, and focused his bright golden eyes on the identical disks of his daughter. "Sakura?"

As she pinched her nails of her left hand together, he felt them digging into his heart. His head shot up again as he screamed out in pain. Looking toward the sky, he noticed the vast changes it had underwent the more his daughter had given in to her rage. The clear blue had made room for a dark, nearly black, swirling ominous sensation that turned near them in the air; a gaping black hole, disrupting the magnetic field of the planet.

"Sakura died when you turned your back on her. She never did anything wrong, but you tossed her aside like a filthy, damp rag, like she never meant anything to you!" Her voice was shrill, the anger and pain of years of neglect and sworn vengeance taking over.

"No, I didn't. I cared, care about you, I lo-"

Screaming out in rage, she brought both her hands down, sending the Avatar sprawling down to the ground. "Don't LIE to me, Father!" With every threatening step she took in his direction, a swirl of dark energy accompanied her, draining the ground on which she trod. "You left me alone, you couldn't be fast enough to get away from me!" She kicked her father in the side, making him roll over in agony. "What did you think, huh? 'My wife is dying, I hate my daughter, time to leave'? I still remember you saying to me when I had a nightmare, 'I won't leave you'." Empowered by the dark energies and her own raging adrenaline, she focused on her father's life force and effortlessly picked him off the ground again, the sensation sending him to new levels of agony. "What a beautiful lie that was!"

She violently threw him on the ground once more, where the earth crumbled underneath him and he started to roll down a cliff, ending face first in the white sands of a beautiful beach. As if standing on a cloud of energy, the woman gently floated down, remaining suspended in the air only inches away from the ground, her sharp stilettos dangling dangerously close to his head.

"You know, I can read your energies like a book. I can see how much you want to leave this place." She kicked the air, the life energies inside the man responded instantly to her command, and he rolled over on his back. "Now you know how I felt from the moment my brothers died in that accident! How could you leave us alone like you did!?"

Black lightning bolts emanated from her, accompanying each of the words she had spat out as to emphasize it, though they were immediately sucked up into the center of the gaping hole.

"Don't think I'm going to take it easy on you, just because you're a girl," said the young waterbender boy, hands raised and fingers extended. As he finished straining his chi paths, a smirk spread across Kaddo's face.

"Hah, please!" scoffed the waterbending girl, wincing at her adversary and cocking her knees, "You won't be so full of yourself once I'm through with you." With that, Sakema flung her arms back and guided a water whip across her chest and towards her bored-eyed adversary.

"Whatever," Kaddo rolled his eyes nonchalantly as he caught his cousin's stream with his own motions and prepared to send it back to it's maker. "Let's get this over with."

Sakema made haste and curved her arms upward, lifting a protective barrier of liquid water from the frost-covered ground. Kaddo's attack sank as it made contact. "Start fighting for real," Sakema berated the all-too-casual waterbender opposite her. "Do you think that our parents defeated the Fire Nation by treating every duel they got into like some practice session?"

Loosening his stance, the adolescent boy threw his head back and laughed. "Hah, don't flatter yourself! Practice is what I do when I face real sparring opponents," he patronized with a toothy grin. "When Sid and Kirto come around later, that'll be practice. This is merely passing the time because I have nothing better to do. You're just a gir-" Kaddo's rant was swiftly cut short by another jet of water which hit him square in the chest and landing him on the ground on his rear end.

As she stuck her tongue out, Sakema clenched both fists and tightened her stance. "You let your guard down."

Wiping the bottom of his blue fur coat with his gloved hand, Kaddo rose back to his feet, scowling. "I let you have that one."

"I thought you weren't taking it easy on me."

"I'm not," Kaddo informed her, narrowing his sharp blue eyes. "It's almost too bad I told everyone to leave us alone while we were waterbending, so there'll be no one around to witness this," he added, sticking out his tongue. Kaddo proceeded to dig his toes into the snow and release a tide of heated water from the icy wall beside them. Alert and prepared, Sakema dodged to the right and rotated her arms about, causing a portion of this attack to encircle around her back and freeze into an array of icy shards, which she flung at Kaddo by extending her fingers out once again.

Just as Kaddo was bending more water from the ground to defend himself, his long brown hair rustled violently as though some powerful airbender had joined the fight. When the boy lifted his startled head to look into the sky next to him, he found that A dark lightning bolt cleaved the air, ripping the very sky apart, and a gaping vacuum imposed itself between him and Sakema.

"What the-" Kaddo began - but he could not finish his sentence. After trying in vain to leap away from the gaping portal, Kaddo felt his damp form swept up by the swirling current of unknown origin, away from all he knew.

Sakema's rain of crystalized water struck the thin air where the prejudiced boy she fought had stood moments before. "Kaddo?"

Princess Ursa desired dragons. She crouched near the edge, peering down from the ziggurat to admire the long forgotten kingdom of the Sun Warriors. In her mind's eye, the magnificent creatures roamed the land free as surely they once had. That was why she had ventured here, with her brother Roh-Roh and a few guards. She sought the greatest treasure she had ever heard tale of –Dragon eggs.

Many of the royal advisers thought it was nothing more than a foolish girl's daydream. The only reason they had not put up a fight against the idea was because they thought it would do the Princess some good to go on an adventure. Not for the experience, as her father Fire Lord Zuko did, but as a way to clear the yearning of travel from her system. Ursa knew only too well that royalty did not often have the freedom to run off for a little fun. After her quickly-approaching sixteenth birthday, she would assume a more active role in the world of politics that embroiled the Fire Lord's daily life. A life which, someday, would be hers.

So the advisers did not argue, but they scoffed softly behind the Princess' back. After all, everyone knew dragons had been extinct for decades. She smiled at this thought, imagining the looks on their faces if she really did bring back a healthy dragon egg. All her life she had believed the story of the dragons' extinction. But her father knew the real truth...

As she leaned out for a closer look, the rock slipped under foot. She lurched forward. Her heart leapt into her throat, pounding against her tongue, and the world swayed. Instinctively, she reached for a handhold. The sharp rocks bit into her hands, but she managed to catch her balance. Her breath was another matter. The world spun and, beneath her, the ground swirled. She sat very still until the panicked pounding of her heart gradually slowed.

"That was close," she gulped. Her eyes were fixed on the ground several hundred feet below, trying not to imagine her body a tiny squashed speck upon it.

It was a good thing Yuki didn't see that. Her bodyguard would have had a conniption. The adventure would have been called off, and the prince and princess carted back to the Palace, expedition fulfilled or not.

This only reminded Ursa that she had climbed to the top of the pyramid against express instruction. But the breathtaking view was worth the risk.

Slowly, she scooted back from the ledge, sliding across the rough ground with little thought for the wear on her clothes. When she had put a foot of dirt between her and the edge, Ursa began to breathe easy again. She even laughed. This, she decided, was definitely an adventure worth having.

As she brushed herself off, the sun glinted off her favorite bracelet. It had once belonged to her grandmother, after whom she was named. The band of dark leather was soft now, from daily use. There was a smudge of grit on the brilliant metal fire lily, and Ursa wiped it away with her less-than immaculate sleeve.

"Ursa!" came the distant, cheerful cry of her brother Roh-Roh, far far below.

"Princess! Where are you this time?" And there was Yuki, sounding tired and resigned. "You climbed to the top, didn't you?"

Ursa couldn't help grinning. "Time to leave, I think." She crept closer to the edge, careful to keep her weight back to ground her. Waving down at them, she called, "I'm up here!"

The words had hardly left her mouth when a boom like thunder shook the air. Ursa frowned. A moment ago, it had been sunny and cloudless. She raised her eyes. A jagged black blemish stretched across the clear blue sky.

"What is –"

The words were lost in the mighty wind that assaulted her. She thought she heard the shouts of Roh-Roh and Yuki caught up with it, but she couldn't be sure. The gale did not push –it pulled at her, like greedy fingers drawing her closer. Ursa grabbed for a handhold, trying to keep herself down, but the wind pulled harder, pulled her to the very edge.

This time, Ursa fell. Not down, but up. The powerful gust encircled her, drawing her higher into the air. Her heart raced. She gasped, but the sound never reached her pounding ears. As she tumbled through the air, she spotted the tiny frantic figures of her brother and bodyguard, scrambling toward her. It was them she saw and not the black blemish as she was swallowed into the void.

"That represents my word to you; I will not forget."

Yun and Ty Lee sat out on one of the many balconies that lined the Fire Nation Royal Palace. The war with Yuan Chong was over, Kuei was restored as Earth King, and Mai and Zuko were married. All was well, but both of them wished it didn't have to end. Soon Yun Zhen would begin his tenure in the Fire Nation Royal Navy, and Ty Lee would be heading to Kyoshi Island. They had finally gotten some time to themselves, but it wasn't nearly enough for either of them.

"When do you get deployed?" The Kyoshi Warrior asked softly.

"In a week..." The newly-christened captain gripped his girlfriend's hand. "I will visit Kyoshi Island the first chance I get. You know that."

"I just...just wish it didn't have to be like this...I feel like we haven't gotten to spend any real time together..." She kissed him quickly, and her old grin returned. "But that's okay, because we'll be fine! We have all the time in the world now; I know it!"

"Yes we do." He exhaled. "Now, we have to figure out how we're going to spend our time over this next week; we should make the best of it!"

Ty Lee beamed. "Yeah, definitely! Can we go see Love Amongst the Dragons? The Ember Island Players are putting on a show!"

Yun grinned. "Sounds great; I can't wait for it. Lady Ursa mentioned that performance a couple of times earlier this evening anyway."

He noticed her shoulders sag just a little, and he wrapped his arms around her once more. "Don't worry, Ty Lee. You wouldn't leave me alone, so I won't leave you."

The teenagers were interrupted by a dark bright light manifesting right in front of the balcony. It twirled and bucked, sending out little extensions with each convulsion, and both Fire Nation nobles held their eyes wide open.

"What is that, Yun?!" The acrobat cried.

"I don't kn—!" His voice, as well as everything else, was swallowed by the anomaly.

"...No. I don't trust you." His voice was unnaturally dull, almost monotone if anything.

An almost identical figure made its exasperated reply. "Yuhan, how many years ago did that happen? We don't have time for this!" In the pitch blackness of Lake Laogai's underwater headquarters, only this agent's boisterous tone truly marked them as two different individuals. The two bickering patrol partners were roughly the same height, both draped in expensive and gold-trimmed emerald robes with matching pointed hats - just like everyone else in the Dai Li.

Unlike his partner, however, Yuhan's pale face had a terribly skeptical shadow that seemed to stretch further and further down as the brim of his hat lowered to cover his emerald eyes. "Five years ago, and I still wonder how I managed not to break my spine and sever all my nerves during the tumble. Hmmm. No, I think I'll play it safe, Hiroshu."

Five years ago, they were still teenagers. At the ripe and daring young age of 18, Hiroshu decided that shoving his patrol partner straight off the edge of Lake Laogai's exit ladder - the endless, towering ladder - would make a brilliant prank. Yuhan, then 16 years old and still the slightest bit naive of an agent, completely bought Hiroshu's sudden cry of alarm that called for him to fire both his earthen gloves out of the tunnel exit to subdue the "rebels waiting to ambush them outside." As soon as all traces of usable earth had left his hands, Yuhan had a split second to catch the obnoxious, murder-worthy grin flashing across his partner's face - and he tumbled back down the tunnel from there. He'd managed to save himself by latching back on with the metal chains inside of his sleeves, but not before hitting his back dangerously hard against a sharp, jutting green crystal lantern... Ever since then, Hiroshu learned to be genuinely afraid of Yuhan's habitual death threats.

"Fine - I'll go ahead, happy?" Hiroshu's scowl was slightly fragmented with each of his grumpy steps up the ladder. "We're late, Long Feng's going to kill us for it, and all you can worry about is this rusty ladder...seriously..."

Yuhan rolled his eyes as he followed his partner out of the exit. He almost smirked, knowing that Hiroshu was secretly ashamed about the incident. It was always amusing how much of a point he made not to let Yuhan have the glory of seeing it. "Well hey, I just think we should all watch our backs whenever we leave this place," he replied casually. "Literally." He could've sworn that Hiroshu could sense him shrugging from behind, seeing how frantically the agent had already picked up his pace. Probably the only time Yuhan would feel like laughing today, too, considering that they were about to go meet a furious Long Feng.

The flat, circular slab of the entrance to the world outside flew open with a grumpy swipe of Hiroshu's arm. However, both agents paused unconsciously. Yuhan's brow slowly rose as he and his partner exchanged equally puzzled looks. No sunlight spilled into the tunnel, like it usually did. Which was strange, because the hourglasses all marked plainly that it was the start of a fresh morning.

Hiroshu was the first to climb out, and he simply sat upon the ground next to the tunnel outside as he peered up into the sky. Yuhan's head emerged a few seconds later, his face glued upwards as well. The sun was obscured with pitch black, and not by any cloud. It was simply a massive, unnatural mess that seemed to poison the surrounding blue. Within seconds, its edges seemed to materialize into a distinct circle, a real shape.

It all happened too fast.

His body was flying straight off the ladder again, just like five years ago. Yuhan's arms flailed wildly in front of himself in a desperate attempt to grab onto something, anything. But Hiroshu wasn't grinning this time. He stood there petrified, rooted to the ground below - the ground that was already over a hundred feet away.

Yuhan tried to make out what his horrified patrol partner was yelling back, but a blink later and Hiroshu, along with the rest of Ba Sing Se, was long gone. Only endless, chaotic black remained.

The expanse before them was was vast and varied, and Ling noticed rivers zigzagging along the landscape that lay ahead. Ba Sing Se quickly became a memory for the the earthbender and his friends, and Aang's new project, Republic City, was their destination.

A light wind rolled across the flatland as their eel hounds shot along the ground. Ling turned to glance back at his love, Rong, as she sat directly behind him on the saddle.

"I can't believe it's finally done...the Zhiming Assassins had that coming." He frowned. "I just wish we could've—"

Rong wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. "I know...I miss her too."

A group of assassins, led by the harsh and uncompromising Tai Kun, had hounded them endlessly, causing untold pain and destruction. One of their friends had been lost, but it was not in vain.

"Yeah, at least Suki finally ended the Zhimings." He admitted. "But...whatever craziness happened in the Si Wong Desert means that Hong Shu is still alive."

She shook her head and smiled. "It doesn't matter right now, Ling; try to focus on the present." Rong rested her head on his back. "When we get back to the Fire Nation, you can meet my parents, and we can—"

"Get hitched?" Bo offered as his eel hound edged closer to theirs, a massive grin adorning his face.

Ling rolled his eyes, but a small smile grew nonetheless. The good-natured waterbender was prone to probing too deeply into things he had no business being involved in. Even still, he was a good friend.

"Bo, come on!" Rong cried. "That's a little...I don't know..."

The waterbender chuckled as he pulled away. "Accurate."

The firebender sighed. "Honestly, Ling, I don't think he's all there."

"What, we're not getting hitched?" He replied with a smirk, causing her to punch him in the shoulder.

"Not helping."

Ling's smirk turned into a genuine smile. "Seriously, though, I'm glad you won't leave me alone, Rong. I can't wait to meet your family and tell them how much I—"

A thunderous clap drew both of their gazes forward, and they found themselves staring into a black, swirling void.

Ling acted quickly, pulling the reins of the animal hard to the left. As they turned, he felt the anomaly's pull.

No! Can't let Rong get pulled in! He twirled around, flipping both of his legs over the moving beast's back as the black mass tugged at him, and shoved Rong to the ground as lightly as possible, given the circumstances.

"Ling!" She cried as she hit the ground. "Ling!"

He didn't even realize he had left the eel hound's back until he watched it sprint away. As the earthbender approached the dark void, its pull too strong for him to fight, he noticed tears rolling down Rong's face as she frantically tried to make her way up to him.

"Rong..." He whispered as shadows wrapped around him, "I love you..."

"How does it feel now, Kin, knowing that I will destroy your second family just as you destroyed your first? How does it feel, knowing that there is nothing you can do to stop me? Not even Wan Shi Tong himself could defeat me. I sent that feathery spirit back to his own world where he belongs, and now, I will do the same with the world you vowed to protect above all else!"

The Avatar's eyes grew wide in horror as his daughter spread out her hands, visibly stealing all the life energy of every living thing around her, from plants, animals, to even the wind itself. He felt his own energies draining, to the point where he could do nothing more than look at her. He met her eyes that were still fixated on his own. He did not see a madman's grin, but what he saw struck more fear to his heart than anything else ever had or ever would. With a cold stare, anger and pain taking turns as the dominant emotion on her face, she looked at him. She was not mad. No, not mad at all. She was hurt. She had nothing more to lose. She was free to take his everything. And knowing her, even if all that he remembered was a happy eleven-year-old little girl, she would succeed in whatever she had set her mind to. And whatever she would do, it would be his fault. He knew that now.

The air cracked open with a deafening sound, and he feared that this was it. Though what came out the disrupted energy, was something that neither of them expected.

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