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Convergence, Part 1

Sitting elegantly on a rock in the welcome shade of a low-hanging tree, sheltering her from the bright midday sun, Eris could not help but smile at the irony of it all: she would not be there if it were not for the Avatar, and the Avatar would not be there if it were not for her. When she had needed him the most, he was never there, but now when she no longer needed him at all, he came running. She laughed as she wondered what it was with Avatars and cycles, why they always seemed to accompany one another. The more she thought about it, the more ironic it became.

As if knowing what she was doing there, why she was waiting for the Avatar, the wind came at her like a ravening wolf, howling amongst the branches of the trees and the narrow pathways between the large stones surrounding her. It had a harsh, abrasive edge to it, picking up a twig and entangling it in Eris's long, well-kept hair.

Standing up and glancing down to her right, Eris noticed her own reflection looking back at her from the rippling surface of the small pond. The cerulean blue lotus blooms that framed her lovely features emphasized the bright gold of her eyes that fixated with a chilling cold on the twig in her hair. Some would call her vain, but she called herself sophisticated, and she had given her appearance special care that day of all days. For six years, she had trained to meet the Avatar again; she had carefully planned out every detail of this day, right down to her appearances. She wanted to look her best when meeting the Avatar – and the wind was messing with that image. This was the day she had been longing for, the day that she would finally avenge her family, and no one, not even the wind, would stand in her way.

Eris clapped her hands and spread them out, her fingertips pointing at each other. Her waist-long hair fanned out like a flag, even though the wind had instantly died down as if all its energy had been drained from it. With a nearly-disinterested movement, Eris plucked the twig from out of her locks, and as soon as she caught hold of it, her hair returned to its normal waviness, draped over her shoulders, though her surroundings remained silent as the night. No leaf dared to rustle, no badgerfrog dared to croak. Every living organism remained perfectly still as if an unseen force held them all in a stranglehold.

She turned the piece of wood in front of her eyes, studying it meticulously as if it were made of some valuable substance. As the reincarnation of the planet itself, the Avatar savored all life, and he would do everything to keep it safe. Eris had found out first hand that 'everything' truly meant everything. The Avatar was a good man, so they said; the Avatar was a gentle spirit, so they said; the Avatar was there for everyone, so they said. Eris's knuckles tightened around the twig, the flexible wood straining under the pressure. She knew what the people said about the Avatar, but she, knowing him better than anyone else, knowing the true story about his history, knew that they were all wrong. She knew the truth, and soon, everyone else would know it too.

A long shadow passing overhead brought her back from her reverie, and her full blue lips curled upwards in a delightful smile, bright as that of a newborn child, but cold as the darkest winter day. The Avatar had arrived. Her wait was over. All she had worked for, all she learned, it would finally prove its worth, and that day would be the day everyone would remember as the moment the mighty Avatar fell.

Silent as a shadow, Eris started her descent from among the rocks toward the open plain where Avatar Kin was awaiting her. The twig she had been holding was left on the ground; like a branch that had laid in the scorching sun for too long, its lush green leaves and youthful, strong brown bark had all withered away, as if the life-force itself had been sucked from it.