The familiar thud, the noises, it was all there. They had traveled the vortexes again. Kaddo rolled as he landed, preventing injury. He turned as he rose. His face was bleeding. The battle had taken its tolls. Images of the fallen children, and Ursa, who gallantly protected them surfaced. Ursa!, Kaddo immediately shouted.

Meanwhile, Yuhan softened his impact by slanting the earth on which he landed. There he saw Yun, and Ursa. "Is she... dead?" Yun looked up at Yuhan. "No, but... she is seriously injured. She may be in a coma." Yuhan looked around, avoiding the site of a bloody Ursa. He had come to bond with her. To him she was almost like a younger sister. He felt he had failed. Not only was he ashamed, and embarrassed, he was guilty.

Whilst looking around, Yuhan offered "Where are we? and, Where are the others?" as he continued to look he realized that he could see his slant while looking forward, away from it, other than that, the world did look very bulgy. Or, hilly? Yun, resting Ursa upon his lap, replied "I don't know. This world is tiny, though. Nothing in site, and I bet we could walk around the entire world in under an hour. As for the others, I remember them being pulled through a different Vortex. We are seperated, and another thing, Yuhan?"

"Go on."Yuhan replied softly, as if he was trying to prevent somebody sleeping from waking. Yun seemed to get a worried look upon his face, "I can't... I can't feel the energy from the Vortex... I think we're... trapped!"

As Ling crashed into the ground, memories drew to the surface. Kaddo recalled Olaiya closing the Vortex after the first 3 were in, the second vortex, a green apple, some crows, and than they were sucked in, with much more powerful force than usual. Was Olaiya getting stronger? Ling had no idea. "Kaddo, she is gone."

"If we can find them, if we can find her, I can possibly try and heal her." Kaddo said, desperately. The world was small, and bulgy. Kaddo's look of desperation was so strong, that Ling felt bad for him. The nearby vortex, 70 to 80 yards away, was ripping the clouds out of the sky.