This will help tremendously in the writing process and also make sure that everyone is on the same page. Feel free to discuss plot and character development here.


This is a chronological summary of the fanon's known and decided events. Included are the events that have already been agreed upon.

Prologue: WaitingEdit

Written by: Lady Lostris

  • Introduces Eris and emphasizing her hatred of the Avatar.

A young woman named Eris awaited the arrival of the Avatar to a desolate place, ready to face him in battle.

Chapter One: Convergence: Part 1Edit

Written by: everyone

  • Eris confronts Kin.
  • A "crossover" scene of each of our characters in their respective worlds are warped into a dark vortex in the sky and are brought into another world.

Avatar Kin proved to be no match for the unexpected and rare energybending abilities of Eris. The woman revealed herself to be Sakura, his estranged daughter, and she was out for revenge, blaming Kin for leaving their family to wither. By a stroke of fate, Eris's powers connected with five unlikely individuals who were subsequently sucked through a vortex that transcended worlds: Kaddo, a Southern Waterbender from Avatar: Energy Saga; the teenaged Princess Ursa from Air; the battle-hardened Yun Zhen from Avatar- Aftermath and Burning Earth; Yuhan, a Dai Li agent from Silent Hero in Emerald; and the metalbender Ling from Suki's Story. Before Eris could finish what she had trained for for years, the quintet dropped unannounced into her world, prompting her to investigate and postpone Kin's execution.

Chapter Two: Convergence: Part 2Edit

Written by: Wordbender

  • After being sucked through their respective vortexes, they land together on a planet. There is a short meeting scene where all of the characters try to figure out what's going on and who is who.
  • They are then confronted by Eris, who is probably surprised to see them, and a battle ensues.

A strange black hole in the sky has sucked up five individuals and deposited them in a strange place. Tensions runs high between Ursa, Kaddo, Yun, Yuhan and Ling as they realize their stories don't match up, and especially when Yun realizes that Yuhan is one of the hated Dai Li. Ursa wonders if they have even come from the same world, but before anyone can decide, Eris, a woman with terrible powers, attacks. Avatar Kin escapes on the back of his dragon and Eris gives chase, leaving the others stranded. Yuhan has found another vortex and they decide to plunge in, each hoping against hope that their world lies on the other side.

Chapter Three: Burning EarthEdit

Written by: Mageddon725

  • When the characters land in this world, they start to realize the destructive nature of the vortexes.
  • Scene with Eris and Wan Shi Tong. Concept introduced that the vortexes might not be able to be controlled.

The five unlikely allies had to fight through a war zone to reach the vortex that each one hoped would take them home. However, Ursa and Kaddo discovered the destructive potential of the anomalies, and the group decided to dedicate themselves to the destruction of the vortexes.

Meanwhile, Eris stayed behind in her own world and retreated into Wan Shi Tong's Library to find some answers regarding the appearance of the vortex. The Knowledge Spirit tried to stop her, but she quickly disposed of him. However, her quest for understanding proved to be without success so far.

Chapter Four: Energy OasisEdit

Written by: ARG

  • The characters end up in the Northern Water Tribe, and have to find the next vortex there.
  • Scene with Avatar Kin.

Chapter Five: Silent Heroes Edit

Written by: Minnichi

  • In Ba Sing Se, the group gets thrown into Lake Laogai prison by accident. Yuhan uses his Dai Li connections to maneuver them around the city. 
  • Yuhan and Yun discover some unexpected similarities between them, despite Yun's hatred for the organization.

Chapter Six: TBAEdit

In progress
Written by: Mageddon725

  • The team ends up in the Si Wong Desert.
  • Ling tells everyone of Ty Lee's fate in this world, prompting discussion about saving her. Ultimately, however, the group decides to focus on finding the next vortex.
  • They enter Wan Shi Tong's library and discover more about vortexes.
  • Eris confronts them and kidnaps Ursa.

Chapter Seven: A Breath of Fresh AirEdit

In progress
Written by: Wordbender

  • Possibly, the gang winds up in the future of 'Air', meeting Ursa as an adult.
  • Eris and Ursa battle. (muahaha)

Chapter Eight: (Another Eris chapter)Edit

Written by: Lady Lostris

Chapter Nine: (Another Yun chapter)Edit

Written by: Mageddon725

Chapter Ten: (Another Kaddo chapter)Edit

Written by: AvatarRokusGhost

Chapter Eleven: (Another Yuhan chapter)Edit

Written by: Minnichi

Chapter Twelve: (Another Ling chapter)Edit

Written by: Undecided

Chapter Thirteen: (Another Ursa chapter)Edit

Written by: Wordbender

Chapter Fourteen: (Another Eris chapter)Edit

Written by: Lady Lostris

Chapter Fifteen: (Wrapping things up)Edit


Things That Will Happen at Some PointEdit

Ideas that have been agreed upon in past meetings, but not yet placed in the story.


This section is for ideas that have been discussed in meetings, but not confirmed. Peruse them and comment with likes and dislikes. Once an idea is accepted, it will be added to the Outline.

  • Yun, being not only a soldier but a captain, could unconsciously assume the role of leader. This would present inner conflict because of the many loners in the group, but it is likely that they will realize he is best for the role because of his experience with groups.
  • 'Energy' is basically a person's essence, what makes them who they are. Eris possesses the ability to bend people's energy either just to her will or into a complete zombie-like state. The effect is not permanent and, just like with other bending, lasts only as long as Eris is bending them.
  • Ling, Slash's new character will not want to fight the others, since he only uses violence for defense. He joins them because it's the right thing to do.

Probably canceledEdit

  • Each character is sent back to their verse, at the right time.
  • Even being rejoined with their loved ones, each character feels the 'pull' of a vortex in their home world. Now they must decide whether to stay, or return to stop Eris and the vortexes and take the chance that they may never return to their world at the right time again.
  • The vortexes are only active for a short amount of time, adding urgency to each character's decision.
  • Eris possibly approaches each, tempting them to give up their chase and remain home, or at the very least trying to distract them (one?) until time runs out.

This still needs a little brainstorming. For example, it was suggested that the vortexes are slowly getting out of Eris' control, because controlling energy-portals between worlds is big stuff. The vortexes opening to each of their worlds could either be a side-effect of Eris' energybending, or Eris could do it herself and further weakens both herself and the universe's energy. (Does that even make sense?) At any rate, the vortexes would open themselves. Also, the team realizes 'shutting down' the vortexes won't work anymore, and the team realizes they will have to stop Eris in order to stop them.

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