Yuhan, currently 21 years old, is an agent of the Dai Li and the protagonist of Silent Hero in Emerald. Like the rest of the organization, he's been trained develop a very precise and formidable level of earthbending, but his abilities are best known when it comes to brainwashing rebels. Despite his efficiency as an agent, however, he holds some doubts about his organization.


The Dai Li had chosen and were observing Yuhan for his earthbending abilities since the age of 4, though he was not summoned officially until he was 14. Because they planned his entry for almost his entire life, he was heavily influenced by them and adapted to their rules without much trouble upon his entry. He grew to be one of the most renowned agents in the organization, known for his dedication and the resulting eye shadows from constant lack of sleep.



Yuhan grew up in one of the poorest areas in Ba Sing Se's Lower Ring, in which he practiced earthbending in the form of soccer. One of his only remaining memories of this time period is his friendship with a girl named Riya, a non-bender who would often watch the others play. She was moved to another division of the Lower Ring, where they wouldn't meet for over 10 years, but his ties to her would lead to further doubts about the Dai Li later on.

Joining the Dai LiEdit

The first thing Yuhan witnessed first-hand upon his entry was the murder of an elderly rebel, and the gruesome memory still haunts him to this day. The face of the rebel often serves as the personification of his doubt, which sometimes appears as a nightmare.

Years of BrainwashingEdit

After it was discovered that Yuhan had a high success rate of converting rebels, the other agents habitually volunteered him to take care of it whenever they could. He only became more known for his uncanny ability to make anyone believe whatever Long Feng willed as the years went by, and many even assume currently that he never fails. Yuhan is not very fond of this reputation, but he believes the conversions are for the best because they help keep Ba Sing Se at peace. Because he was so highly demanded at work, he found little time for himself in the organization. His leisure was typically spent talking to his patrol partner on the job, or during little visits to the city to deliver things for Long Feng.

Meeting Riya AgainEdit

Yuhan ran into his childhood companion by chance after his patrol partner convinced him to try out a new tea shop in the Lower Ring (Pao's Tea House). They soon realized their identities from the past and rekindled their old friendship. Yuhan eventually admitted to himself that his feelings for Riya were starting to go beyond friendship, and found himself hanging around her often despite his tight schedule.

Growing DoubtsEdit

Riya, who was equally fond of Yuhan, enjoyed his company while her poor, Dai Li-hating community had to tolerate it. As the two grew to love one another, however, the community recognized his friendliness and found hope in him to be different than the other agents. Being this close to Riya and the others caused Yuhan to be further confused about the principles of his organization, since almost every rebel he brainwashed came from her side of the city. To his dismay, Riya herself was eventually targeted by the Dai Li for her defiance of the law.


Yuhan is very quiet in nature, often interpreted as skeptical because of his typical irritation with his patrol partner. Though he's respectful and very perceptive about people, he usually sounds awkward during casual conversation because he's not used to talking for no reason. Others are terrified of making him angry, but overall they still find him friendly and even kind sometimes.

Selected Passages for ReferenceEdit

From Chapter 2Edit

"YUHAN! Buddy! What're you doing out here in the sun? You finally ran out of rebels to convert?" A second agent obnoxiously made his way towards Yuhan (and only this agent in particular made it possible to walk 'obnoxiously').

The Peace Orator managed to chuckle slightly, despite his tiring morning. "Oh c'mon Hiroshu, give me some credit. I go out here all the time! ...Just not when you're looking."

"Whatever you say, buddy." Hiroshu grinned, catching up to Yuhan and giving him a hard pat on the back. "But seriously, you should really take more time off. I mean sure, it must rock to be Long Feng's favorite errand boy (Yuhan shot him a glare), but we all feel kind of bad seeing how it's so harsh on you."

The tired agent scoffed. "Maybe you feel bad. The other agents have no problem advertising me to Long Feng whenever the resistance acts up again." He suddenly folded an arm out in front of himself as if in preparation for a bow, with an exaggerated smile stretching across his face. "'Oh but sir, Yuhan does a much better job of brainwashing than me! Have you seen the results?'" Hiroshu seemed quite amused by the imitation. "'I don't want to fail you, so it's better for both of us if you choose him! Goodbye!"' Yuhan's pale face suddenly reverted back to its dull, usual grumpiness."They're all lazy!" he scowled.

"I'll say!" Hiroshu agreed, although it seemed as if he hoped Yuhan wasn't referring to him in particular.

After a split second though, the tired agent suddenly thought twice and let out a sigh, heaving his shoulders. "Well…then again, no one really likes to do all that brainwashing junk," he muttered. "I guess it'd be a little selfish of me to expect them to do it instead."

Hiroshu slapped his forehead. "Anddd ladies and gentlemen, that's why Yuhan never sees the light of day!" he announced.

"Oh, shut up..."

From Chapter 7Edit

Yuhan circled aimlessly around headquarters for a while before actually looking for Conversion Chamber #3. So Avatar Aang was in Ba Sing Se, still looking for his bison… The agent wondered if he'd caught onto the Dai Li's interference already. As the master of all four elements, the boy certainly didn't seem to him like someone that Long Feng could fool too easily. long as this "Jet" was brainwashed effectively, there was no one, not even the Avatar, who could suspect him of lying about Whale Tail Island. After all, how would anyone be able to tell if Jet himself couldn't? The only problem now was that Yuhan was not in any mood whatsoever to brainwash today - especially after that horrible nightmare.

But an order was an order.

Even so, the tired agent's mind suddenly halted its automatic obedience for a moment. The Avatar, if he remembered correctly, was supposed to be the bringer of peace. Wouldn't that have put him on the same page as the Dai Li? In fact, if the legends were correct, the Avatar could do much more than the organization and bring peace to the entire world...not just Ba Sing Se. Now that Yuhan thought about it, Long Feng's random schemes didn't seem to make much sense.

...Then again, the current master of elements was a 12-year-old boy who'd disappeared for a hundred years while the rest of the world burned - quite literally. The efforts of the Dai Li had kept the city free of the Fire Nation all this time, not the Avatar. To expect the boy to do any good now was probably unwise. If anything, he'd just drag everyone into war with his overly optimistic attitude and end up adding Ba Sing Se to the list of Fire Nation victories. The Impenetrable City would be reduced to a laughingstock and supply source for the enemy. There was certainly no need for that. Long Feng was probably right again. The agent shrugged and continued pacing to his designated conversion chamber.

From Chapter 11Edit

There was one other agent already sitting in the carriage when Yuhan emerged from Lake Laogai. He looked well into his 50s, and his braided hair was a dull grey. He simply sat with his arms crossed, his head bent low. The man shifted slightly at the noise of Yuhan's footsteps, lifting his face just enough to see beneath the brim of his hat. His sharp green eyes squinted a little. "Ah, a youngster…"

Yuhan climbed awkwardly into the carriage, plopping himself onto the cushioned seat across from the older agent. What was he supposed to reply to something like that? "Hi…my name's Yuhan."

"Guiren." The older agent gave the slightest nod in reply, but suddenly stopped. "Hold up…you wouldn't happen to be the brainwashing kid, would you?" He examined Yuhan closely now, his eyes filled with a new curiosity.

"I don't know what you mean by that," Yuhan replied stiffly. "Every agent in this organization brainwashes…sir." He made sure to keep a courteous tone in case this agent happened to originate from the Upper Ring. Still, he found it difficult not to be annoyed at his ever-growing reputation. Who wanted to be known for destroying peoples' minds?

"Well, I can see that the rumors of your modesty are also true," Guiren chuckled, his head dropping back down, "which is a rare thing to find in your generation these days. You could teach those pompous kids a thing or two."

"Oh. Thanks?" There was no reply. "So…what do you do down at headquarters?"

Guiren remained so still that Yuhan began to wonder if he'd fallen asleep. The reply seemed to originate from thin air. "Eh, I take care of all the disloyal agents. You know, branding their families and throwing them out of the city and such. Tedious job, really. You'd think they'd have enough sense not to cross Long Feng these days."

"Yeah. Tell me about it…" The younger agent unconsciously shifted further away in his seat.